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4 Ways to Check if Your License is Suspended in Nevada in 2024

To check if your driver’s license is suspended in Nevada, you can contact the Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). It’s important to address any issues with your driver’s license status promptly, as driving with a suspended license can lead to further penalties.
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How to Contact the Nevada DMV

According to the Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles, you can contact the Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) in several ways [1]:

  • Online: Visit the Nevada DMV website and use their online services to check your driver’s license status. You may need to create an account and provide your driver’s license number or other identifying information.
  • In Person: Visit a Nevada DMV office and speak with a representative. You will need to provide your driver’s license number or other identification.
  • By Phone: Call the Nevada DMV customer service line at 775-684-4368 (Northern Nevada) or 702-486-4368 (Southern Nevada). Be prepared to provide your driver’s license number or other identifying information.
  • Mail: You can also request your driver’s license status by mail. Send a written request with your name, date of birth, and driver’s license number (if available) to the Nevada DMV office.

Reasons for a Drivers License Suspension in Nevada

There are several reasons why your driver’s license may be suspended or revoked in Nevada. Here are a few examples:

  • Accumulating 12 or more demerit points within a 12-month period, leads to a point suspension.
  • Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, as evidenced by tests or conviction for DUI.
  • Violation of alcohol and drug laws, such as buying, drinking, or possessing alcohol underage, or using, possessing, selling, or distributing controlled substances.
  • Failure to pay fines for traffic tickets by the deadline or failing to appear in court as required.
  • Engaging in or organizing unauthorized speed contests, such as street racing, on public highways.
  • Failure to maintain insurance can lead to license suspension.

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What Happens if I Get Caught Driving With a Suspended License in Nevada?

Nevada law under NRS § 483.560 prohibits operating a motor vehicle when your driver’s license is canceled, revoked, or suspended, constituting a misdemeanor offense. Upon conviction, penalties may include up to six months of incarceration, fines of up to $1000.00, and an extension of the current license suspension.

Except as otherwise provided in subsection 2, any person who drives a motor vehicle on a highway or on premises to which the public has access at a time when the person’s driver’s license has been cancelled, revoked or suspended is guilty of a misdemeanor.

How Do I Get a Restricted License After a DUI in Nevada?

If you are arrested for DUI (or for refusing to take an evidentiary breath or blood test), you can no longer apply for a restricted license in Nevada. Instead, you may be able to continue driving immediately with an ignition interlock device – SL Office stated.

However, if your license is revoked for non-DUI reasons, such as accumulating more than 12 demerit points on your license in one year, you can still apply for a restricted license.

Under previous Nevada laws, first-time DUI offenders could obtain a restricted license 90 days into their 185-day license revocation period, while felony DUI offenders could obtain a restricted license one year into their three-year license revocation period. Restricted licenses allow holders to drive to and from work or while performing job duties.

Las Vegas Drunk Driving Statistics

According to the Ticket Busters, when it comes to drunk driving, the numbers speak for themselves. Las Vegas, Nevada, holds the unenviable title of having the highest DUI arrest rate in the United States. With an average of 1,986 DUI arrests per 100,000 residents annually, the city’s streets are plagued by the dangerous consequences of impaired driving [2].

This high rate of DUI arrests contributes to an increase in DUI crashes.

According to data from, Nevada also has one of the highest rates of alcohol-related fatalities in the country. In 2019, 30% of all traffic deaths in Nevada were caused by drunk driving, resulting in a total of 92 fatalities. This percentage is two points higher than the national average of 28%.

These statistics underscore the urgent need for stricter measures to prevent drunk driving and ensure road safety.

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