Modern Slavery Statement



At Schmidt and Clark, LLP, we are dedicated to operating responsibly and ethically. This Modern Slavery Statement reflects our commitment to ensuring that all forms of modern slavery, human trafficking, forced labor, and child labor are not taking place within our business or any part of our supply chain.

Our Business and Supply Chain

Schmidt and Clark LLP is a Law Firm specializing in providing legal services across a wide range of practice areas. With a dedicated team of 9 employees, we primarily focus on personal injury lawsuits, medical malpractice, car accidents, workers' compensations, product liability, and more.

Our structure is streamlined and client-focused, enabling us to respond promptly to the legal needs of our clients. We work closely with various partners and suppliers, such as legal consultants, medical experts, and investigators, to build strong cases and provide comprehensive legal solutions.

Our supply chain is carefully managed to align with our ethical standards and legal obligations. We engage with suppliers and service providers who share our commitment to human rights, fair labor practices, and the highest professional standards. This includes the diligent selection and regular monitoring of any third parties involved in our operations to ensure compliance with our stance against modern slavery and other unethical practices.

Our Policies on Slavery and Human Trafficking

We maintain strict internal policies to ensure that our business operates free from modern slavery:

  • Code of Conduct: Our Code of Conduct outlines our expectations for ethical behavior, including our stance against all forms of modern slavery.
  • Supplier Code of Conduct: We expect our suppliers and contractors to adhere to our standards regarding human rights and labor practices.
  • Human Rights Policy: Our Human Rights Policy reaffirms our commitment to respecting and promoting human rights in all our operations.

Due Diligence and Risk Assessment

We have implemented the following due diligence and risk assessment measures to identify and mitigate risks related to modern slavery:

  • Supplier Assessments: We conduct regular assessments of our suppliers to ensure compliance with our standards.
  • Audits: We perform periodic audits of our own operations and those of our suppliers.
  • Training: We provide training to our staff on recognizing and mitigating the risks of modern slavery.

Effectiveness in Combating Slavery

We continually monitor our efforts and take appropriate actions to assess and ensure the effectiveness of our measures to combat modern slavery.


We encourage all employees, suppliers, and other stakeholders to report any concerns or suspicions of modern slavery through our confidential reporting channels, such as via email at: or phone number (866) 588-0600.


This statement has been approved by our Board of Directors and will be reviewed and updated annually. 


Schmidt and Clark LLP is committed to acting ethically and transparently in all business practices. We take a zero-tolerance approach to modern slavery and are committed to implementing and enforcing systems that ensure all forms of modern slavery are absent from our business and supply chain.