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Zimmer NexGen Knee Lawsuits on the Rise

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C.L. Mike Schmidt Published by C.L. Mike Schmidt

Three new Zimmer NexGen LPS knee replacement lawsuits have been filed by patients alleging that they required total revision surgery after their devices began to loosen or fail. These new claims are just the latest in a growing number of lawsuits faced by Zimmer regarding defective knee and hip replacement products. Our lawyers are investigating potential lawsuits around the country on behalf of victims who received a faulty NexGen knee implant.

Knee Implant Update 7/25/12: A new study has identified a disturbing trend of heart attacks among patients who undergo hip or knee replacement procedures, particularly in the days and weeks immediately following surgery. The heart attack risk was found to be some 30 times higher during the first two weeks after the operation, raising questions about what – if anything – doctors may be able to do to reduce the danger of hip and knee hip implant surgeries.

Zimmer Knee Replacement Lawsuit Update 7/13/12: Nearly a year after a panel of judges consolidated all federal Zimmer knee replacement lawsuits into a multidistrict litigation (MDL), lawyers involved with the cases are scheduled to meet with the MDL court today to discuss the upcoming proceedings. When the Zimmer litigation was originally consolidated in August 2011, the MDL panel transferred 18 cases from different federal districts throughout the country to the Northern District of Illinois for coordinated management during pretrial proceedings. Since then, more than 440 additional lawsuits filed in other U.S. District Courts have been transferred into the Zimmer NexGen MDL, with nearly 100 of the complaints coming in the last month alone.

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What’s the problem?

May 11, 2011 – Last month, at least three separate lawsuits were filed against Zimmer, Inc. on behalf of patients who have experienced serious problems with the NexGen LPS knee replacement system.

The Zimmer NexGen system contains ‘high-flex’ components which are designed to allow a wider range of motion than conventional knee replacement devices. However, lawsuits claim that this high degree of flex makes the devices prone to loosening and failure. According to the new complaints, Zimmer created the impression that the NexGen knee was safe, despite knowledge of the adverse side effects associated with the product.

Unfortunately, these claims are just the latest in a growing number of Zimmer NexGen knee replacement lawsuits being filed nationwide on behalf of individuals who claim to have experienced similar problems with the defective devices. The majority of the claims filed have involved the Zimmer NexGen CR-Flex system, but a number of other high-flex components made by Zimmer have recently come under scrutiny. Since 2003, over 150,000 Zimmer NexGen knee systems have been implanted in patients around the country. Zimmer knee systems include the following products:

  • NexGen CR
  • NexGen CR Flex
  • NexGen Complete Knee Solution MIS Total Knee System

Zimmer NexGen Knee Side Effects

The following is a list of side effects that have been associated with Zimmer NexGen knee systems:

  • unexplained pain or discomfort after knee replacement
  • loosening of replacement knee
  • difficulty walking
  • knee replacement failure
  • knee revision surgery

The fundamental problem with the Zimmer NexGen knee system seems to be the “high-flex” porous femoral component that attaches to the bottom of the thigh bone. In conventional knee replacement devices, surgical cement is used to hold the component in place. Zimmer NexGen knee systems do not use an adhesive material to keep them in place, and many believe this design flaw may lead to a loosening of the component that requires revision surgery.

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