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Xtend BCAA Lawsuit: Get the Right Lawyer

A recent class action lawsuit alleges that Xtend Branched-Chain Amino Acid (BCAA) supplements do not support muscle growth or recovery, and can in fact harm muscle protein synthesis.
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Class Action Lawsuit Alleges Nutrabolt Xtend BCAA Does Not Support Muscle Growth, Recovery

The class action alleges that Woodbolt Distribution, doing business as Nutrabolt, claims that its Xtend BCAA supplements are able to support muscle growth and recovery; however, peer-reviewed studies have found that BCAAs actually decrease muscle protein synthesis and are incapable of building muscle on their own.

The lawsuit cites Dr. Robert Wolf, an expert in amino acid metabolism who concluded that taking BCAA supplements can negatively impact muscle protein synthesis given the products’ lack of all essential amino acids (EAAs), the body’s protein building blocks. The absence of 6 essential amino acids in BCAAs causes essential amino acids stored in muscle to be perpetually catabolized, or broken down, according to the lawsuit.

“To build muscle, the body must have an abundant availability of all EAAs, which must be consumed through the diet,” the complaint states. “Anything less than a full panel of EAAs will grind any increase in muscle protein synthesis to a halt due to lack of sufficient raw materials with which the body can use to build muscle mass.”

Specific Xtend BCAA supplements named in the complaint include:

  • Xtend Original BCAAs
  • Xtend Elite BCAAs
  • Xtend Hydrasport BCAAs
  • Xtend Ripped BCAAs
  • Xtend Energy BCAAs
  • Xtend Free BCAAs
  • Xtend Hydration + BCAAs in ready-to-drink bottles

Given that Nutrabolt Xtend BCAA contains only 3 of the 9 essential amino acids, the supplement cannot build muscle or support muscle recovery, according to the lawsuit, stressing that use of the product may leave users “in a worse position than if not taking the product at all.”

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XTEND Workout Powders False Advertising $3 Million Class Action Settlement

Woodbolt Distribution LLC agreed in Feb. 2023 to pay a $3 million settlement to resolve a class action lawsuit alleging that the company falsely advertised XTEND workout powders as having “0 calories.”

The settlement benefits consumers who purchased certain XTEND products from Woodbolt or through 3rd-party sellers from July 28, 2014, to Jan. 24, 2023.

Plaintiffs in the class action argued that Woodbolt misled customers by promising that XTEND products have “0 calories.” Despite these claims, testing of the products showed they were not zero calories as promised, according to the lawsuit.

As part of the settlement, Woodbolt did not admit any wrongdoing but agreed to pay $3 million to resolve these false advertising claims.

Additionally, Woodbolt agreed to modify its XTEND labeling and website to better reflect the way it calculates calories in its products. This updated language will inform customers that different calorie calculation methods may have different results.

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