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NRS Explained: Nevada Law Abbreviation (2024 Laws)

“NRS” stands for Nevada Revised Statutes. These statutes are the laws enacted by the Nevada Legislature and govern various aspects of life in the state, including criminal law, family law, business regulations, and more. The NRS is the official legal code of Nevada.
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Nevada Revised Statutes Explained

According to the Nevada Legislative Counsel Bureau, the Nevada Revised Statutes (NRS) is a comprehensive collection of all the state’s general, public, and permanent laws [1]. Published in 63 volumes, it includes indices, comparative tables, and special and local acts.

The NRS is revised and published by the Legislative Counsel Bureau. It is organized according to subject matter, but unlike the codes of some states, there is a single, unified system of section numbers running from beginning to end so that codes, titles, and chapters need not be cited – Agency stated.

The NRS is divided into four main codes:

  1. The Remedial Code, covers court structure, organization, civil procedure, and remedies.
  2. The Civil Code addresses relationships between individuals.
  3. The Penal Code, encompasses crimes, punishments, and criminal procedure.
  4. The Political Code concerns the structure, organization, and services of state and local governments.

Each code is further divided into titles, numbered sequentially from 1 to 59, which cover major areas of law. Titles are then subdivided into chapters, and within chapters are specific provisions known as sections, each with its own identifying number. When citing a law from the NRS, the numbers before the decimal point indicate the chapter, while those after the decimal point indicate the specific section within that chapter.

Nevada Constitution

As stated by the Nevada Legislative Counsel Bureau, in addition to containing the full text of all bills and resolutions passed during a legislative session, the Statutes of Nevada also include indexed versions of the United States and Nevada Constitutions [2]. These statutes provide an index and several tables that help identify the laws applicable in Nevada before the biennial republication of the Nevada Revised Statutes (NRS).

These tables include:

  • A table listing bills and resolutions passed or vetoed during the session.
  • A table indicating sections of the NRS that were amended or repealed during the session.
  • A table listing chapters of the NRS amended by the addition of new sections.
  • A table showing titles of the NRS amended by the addition of new chapters.
  • A list of selected special and local acts that were amended or repealed.
  • A table of statutes or sections thereof amended or repealed.
  • A table of contents displaying the title and chapter numbers (or file numbers for resolutions) of all the measures enacted during the session.

What is the Nevada Administrative Code (NAC)?

According to the Nevada Legislative Counsel Bureau, in accordance with NRS 233B.062, the state of Nevada mandates that all regulations issued by state agencies under the law must be easily accessible to the public and presented in clear and concise language [3].

To facilitate this, most permanent regulations are included in the Nevada Administrative Code, and procedures for adopting emergency or temporary regulations are outlined by law. Information regarding proposed or enacted regulations is available in the Register of Administrative Regulations, published by the Legislative Counsel.

The Register includes the proposed and adopted text of each permanent, temporary, and emergency regulation; the notice of intent to act upon the regulation; the written notice of the adoption of the regulation; and an informational statement for the regulation.

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