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Overtime Pay, Employment Wages & Hour Dispute Lawsuit

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Wage laws are fashioned to ensure that employees receive the benefit of certain statutory wage protections. To ensure this happens, the legislature has implemented a statutory framework that penalizes unlawful pay practices. Prevailing parties shall receive an award of reasonable attorneys’ fees in the pursuit of wage claims. Additional penalties can apply if the employer does not provide for meal or rest breaks during the work day, or if the employer does not pay timely all wages owed to the employee upon discharge or termination.

Wage Dispute Violations

A wage dispute can arise over a number of possible violations, including (but not limited to):

  • Minimum wage violations
  • Mandatory unpaid work
  • Unpaid or miscalculated overtime wages
  • Unauthorized deductions from paychecks
  • Unpaid break-time wages
  • Unpaid vacations
  • Unpaid travel time
  • Unpaid overtime holiday pay
  • Failure to pay sales commissions
  • Unpaid overtime wages for working off-hours at home or in a motel

With the cost of living at an all time high, employees are working their hardest to earn a decent living in today's world. If you feel your employer is not paying you sufficiently for your work, or has violated an agreement in which your wage was defined but is not being met, a wage dispute attorney may be able to provide assistance.

A lawyer can fight on your behalf to obtain the wages you were promised, and have worked so hard to earn.

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Do I have a Wage Dispute Violation Lawsuit?

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