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A federal judge in Florida on Friday cleared the way for a $38 million class action settlement resolving claims that certain Taurus revolvers were manufactured with defects that made them prone to firing when dropped.
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Firearms affected by the settlement include 7 “Rossi” .38 Special revolvers and .357 Magnum revolvers manufactured from 2005-2017, according to Law360 [1]. Owners of affected guns in the U.S. can have their firearms repaired or replaced at the company’s expense, and class counsel will receive up to $5.5 million in fees, per terms of the settlement agreement.

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What’s the problem?

The class action alleged that Taurus revolvers were manufactured with 2 safety mechanisms designed to prevent the firearms from accidentally discharging when dropped: a seat for the revolver’s hammer meant to prevent it from moving if the gun is dropped or struck, and a metal plate meant to prevent the hammer from striking the cartridge unless the trigger is pulled.

Plaintiffs claimed that in affected revolvers the hammer seat is improperly fitted, allowing it to move without a trigger pull, and that some also have another defect that allows the blocking plate to fall out of position and become stuck, increasing the risk of an accidental discharge when the gun is dropped.

Torres said the total value of the settlement was just under $38 million, and as a result was awarded attorneys fees of up to $5.5 million. A final approval hearing is set for August 27.

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Taurus ‘Drop Fire’ Gun Defect Class Action Lawsuit Settles for $38 Million

In March 2019, a federal judge approved a $38 million class action settlement which resolved allegations that a gun defect allows Taurus weapons to fire when dropped.

The 7 Taurus gun models affected include “Rossi” branded .357 Magnum and .38 Special revolvers – R35102, R35202, R85104, R97206, R97104, R46202, R46102 manufactured between 2005 and 2017.

Lead plaintiffs William and Oma Louise Burrow allege that Rossi guns manufactured by Forjas Taurus SA can discharge if dropped, also known as “drop-fire.” Calling the Taurus guns “unreasonably dangerous and unfit for their intended use,” the Burrows claim the revolvers do not contain an internal safety feature that would stop the unexpected discharge.

“In addition, some of the Revolvers contain a second defect that causes the other internal safety feature to malfunction, thereby allowing a drop-fire to occur,” the complaint states. “In the Revolvers where this second defect is present, there is no internal safety feature or mechanism to prevent the Revolver from firing a cartridge from hammer spur impact.”

According to the class action, Plaintiffs decided to purchase a Rossi model R35102 revolver after Taurus advertised safety representations about the weapon.

However, after a day of working on their farm, the Burrows returned home. Upon entering their garage, Oma alleges that she dropped the Taurus revolver on the cement floor and it discharged while still in its holster, striking her in the knee.

Plaintiffs allege that the gun defects stem from an improper design and manufacture of certain weapons by Taurus.

According to the lawsuit, Taurus has never acknowledged the gun defects or issued a recall for the weapon.

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