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How to Negotiate a Dog Bite Settlement?
(6 Most Common Types)

If you were the victim of a severe dog bite and are considering filing a lawsuit to recover damages for your injuries, you may be wondering how much you can sue for. While there is no specific limit to how much money a plaintiff can seek by way of a dog bite lawsuit, most victims should sue for the full amount of their legal damages. Typically, dog bite cases are worth around $50,000.
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Types of Dog Bites

The Dunbar Bite Scale divides dog bites into 6 levels:

Level 1: Aggressive but no skin contact - The dog is aggressive, showing its teeth, snapping and growling, and possibly snagging clothing, without actually making contact with the victim’s skin.

Level 2: Teeth make contact, but do not break the skin - The dog’s teeth may leave a mark, but don’t break the skin.

Level 3: A single bite with shallow wounds - The dog's teeth break the victim's skin and leave bloody marks behind. A level 3 dog bite is a severe injury that requires immediate medical attention.

Level 4: A single bite with deep wounds - A bite with 1 to 4 perforations deeper than half the length of the dog’s tooth.

Level 5: Multiple bites with deep wounds - Similar bites to Level 4, but in this case multiple bites occur. Dogs responsible for Level 5 bites are typically considered dangerous dogs.

Level 6: Death of victim and/or flesh consumed - A dog reaches Level 6 when their attack has resulted in the death of the victim, or if they have consumed flesh from the victim. Dogs who commit Level 6 bites are not safe to be around humans or even other dogs.

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What is the Time Frame for Settling a Dog Bite Lawsuit?

It can take a considerable amount of time to settle your dog bite case if you want to receive full compensation for your claim. You should not agree to the insurance company’s offer until you have spoken with an experienced dog bite lawyer.

However, once you agree on a settlement, it will take about 4 to 6 weeks to get your check. It could take even longer if the insurer delays completing the final steps in the settlement process. They could lag in ordering the check, require excessive levels of approval before payment, or only issue checks on certain days of the month.

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If You or a Loved One was the Victim of a Dog Bite

Regardless of the type of dog bite you were the victim of, you should be entitled to compensation for your injuries. Dog bite lawsuits are complex and emotional, depending on the severity of the injury, liability laws where the bite happened, the applicable statute of limitations (SOL), as well as a variety of other factors.

When researching who to hire for a dog bite claim, be sure the attorney is experienced in this area of litigation, with the necessary staff and resources to recover just compensation for your injuries.

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