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What Doctor to See After A Car Accident?

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Car accidents can result in injuries, from minor bruises to life-threatening conditions. 

As a car accident lawyer who has handled many cases over the years, I discovered that it is critical to immediately go to the right doctor who can back up your compensation claim. 

But the question is, what doctor should you see? In this article, I will tell you who you should see after a car accident and why.

Quick Summary

  • Prompt medical attention and therapy after an auto accident can help you keep your claim's value. 
  • Your injuries' severity determines the therapy you require following a vehicle accident.
  • After you have a car accident, it's not an easy task to find the right doctor. 

Why Should You See a Doctor Right Away After a Car Accident?

A doctor checking up on a patientYou should see a doctor right away after an accident because it can be critical to your health and improve the odds of a faster recovery. Also, medical care can help protect the value of any potential car accident claim [1].

Many car accident injuries, such as whiplash, back problems, traumatic brain injuries, internal bleeding, soft tissue injuries, and other severe ailments, might not cause evident symptoms but require medical treatment. 

Without seeking medical care immediately, these sorts of car accident injuries can get worse.

After an auto accident, prompt medical attention and therapy may help preserve your claim's value. Insurance companies frequently use delays in treatment as a reason to deny or devalue claims.

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What Doctor Should I See To Treat a Car Accident Injury?

A doctor discussing a clipboard to a nurse

There are a variety of specialists and doctors with the expertise to treat a car accident injury. Here are some physicians who you can see after a car accident. 

Emergency Room Doctor

Emergency room doctors specialize in treating acute injuries that can lead to death. They are usually the first person anyone would contact after being injured in an automobile accident.

Primary Care Doctors

A primary care physician can provide comprehensive care for patients of all ages. Family doctors, internists, and pediatricians are all examples of primary care physicians.

Personal Injury Specialists

Car accident victims often wonder where to turn for quality care. That team specializes in treating personal injuries and crafting plans of care tailored to the victim's needs.

Pain Management Doctors

Pain management specialists may evaluate your pain and treat various pain problems, such as neck pain. Pain management doctors utilize medications and other therapies to eliminate and stop the discomfort at its source.


Radiologists use x-rays, MRIs, CAT scans, and other tools to read imaging studies. They then send detailed reports to the physician who requested the study.

Trauma Surgeons

Trauma surgeons are called to treat traumatic injuries, which include those caused by auto accidents. They operate on fractured bones and internal injuries such as severe spinal injuries or neck injuries.

Orthopedic Surgeons

Doctors specializing in orthopedics help patients with conditions and injuries involving the bones, joints, ligaments, tendons, and muscles. They use both operative and non-operative treatments to provide relief from pain and help patients regain function.


These doctors specialize in treating injuries to the spinal cord and nerves derived from car accidents, such as traumatic brain injury. They quickly recognize symptoms such as weakness, tingling, or numbness and immediately begin treatments to prevent further injury.

Burn Specialists

Burns and fire injuries are difficult to treat, especially when complicated. They've been able to help those who have been maimed or who have suffered serious burns in a motor vehicle accident. 

Plastic Surgeons

Plastic surgeons can deal with significant scarring from deep facial cuts and fractured bones. Plastic surgeons also repair damaged regions after severe accidents and make them more attractive.

General Surgeons

These doctors treat internal injuries in car crash victims. General surgeons are part of surgical teams that include nurses, technicians, and anesthesiologists.

Physical Therapists

Physical therapists can treat car accident injuries by helping improve car accident victims' range of motion and flexibility, increase functionality, and diminish pain.

Why Did My Doctor Send Me to a Specialist?

A doctor looking at paperworkIf your doctor sends you to a specialist, it is because they believe the specialist can provide better care for your specific injuries. For example, you will be referred to an orthopedic surgeon if you have broken bones. 

If you were injured and are now seeking treatment, your primary care doctor will likely need approval from your insurance company first. The specialist will write a report and send it to your doctor about what they found, which would be useful to use in a personal injury claim.

Your doctor will then use the information to decide what to do next. This plan is tailored to your needs so you can get the medical attention you need after a car crash.

Depending on your case, you might go through post-surgical rehabilitation and physical therapy. Once this phase is completed and you have fully recuperated, you will be referred back to your primary care physician, who will continue to monitor your progress.

"Some PCPs don't want to provide treatment to people who have been injured in automobile accidents because of the added paperwork and different billing processes involved. Some doctors are not accustomed to billing auto insurers and are not set up to do so. Other doctors do not want to be involved in a potential litigation process."
- Steven M. Sweat, Principal Attorney

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After a Car Accident, Should I See My Family Doctor or a Specialist?

After a car accident, you should see your primary care doctor for treatment and follow-up. 

Do You Always Have to See a Doctor After a Car Accident?

Yes, you always have to see a doctor after a car accident, even if you are not hurt. It would help if you always got yourself checked out after a car accident. 

What Type of Treatment Should You Receive After a Vehicle Accident?

The type of treatment you should receive after a vehicle accident depends on how bad your injuries are. 

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