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Our experienced personal injury attorneys are filing lawsuits for both riders and pedestrians who suffered personal injuries and/or property damage as the result of an accident involving Lime or Bird Scooters.
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A class action lawsuit recently filed in Los Angeles County Superior Court accuses the nation’s largest electric scooter companies, Lime and Bird, of “gross negligence” and “aiding and abetting assault” for “dumping” e-scooters on public streets without proper warning, creating a dangerous “public nuisance.”

Free Confidential Bird Scooter Injury Lawsuit Evaluation: If you or a loved one has been injured in an electric scooter accident, you should contact our law firm immediately for a free consultation.You may be entitled to compensation by filing a suit for medical bills and an electric scooter accident lawyer can help.

Update: Schwinn E-Scooters Recalled Over Injury Hazard

Pacific Cycle Inc. is recalling 11,340 Schwinn Tone Electric Scooters [1] over concerns that the E-scooters handlebar grips can loosen or crack, posing fall and injury hazards.

“Pacific Cycle has received nine reports of loosened or cracked handlebars which include one report of an injury where bruising and abrasions occurred, when a consumer fell from the e-scooter while riding after the handlebar broke,” CPSC said.

The recalled e-scooters were sold at online and at bicycle shops nationwide from May 2020 through February 2021 for between $350 to $550.

If you purchased an e-scooter that is affected by this recall, you should stop using it immediately and contact Pacific Cycle for a free repair kit.

This recall began on December 15, 2021.

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Class Action Lawsuit Filed Against Lime, Bird

The class action was filed against Lime scooter manufacturer and Bird on behalf of a group of plaintiffs who allegedly suffered personal injury and/or property damage as a result of the Bird scooter companies’ negligence. The complaint includes not just the scooter rider but also pedestrians who claim to have sustained serious injuries including broken wrists, toes and fingers, torn ligaments, face lacerations, and “damaged” teeth.

In addition to Bird Scooter being accused of “aiding and abetting assault,” the suit also notes that leaving the e-scooters on public sidewalks and streets is a “public nuisance” which violates the California Civil Code, and that the plaintiffs are representative of “scores (if not hundreds) of riders and pedestrians and members of the public [who] have suffered, are continuing to suffer and will to continue to suffer egregious and avoidable injuries and damage to their person and property.”

Types of Bird Scooter Injuries

  • Broken wrists, toes and fingers
  • Torn ligaments
  • Face lacerations
  • Skin abrasions (“road rash”)
  • Damaged teeth
  • Property damage
  • Death

Lime Scooter Recall

Lime Scooter has recently issued at least 2 recalls for its e-scooters over problems that could lead to severe personal injuries and/or significant property damage.

In Oct. 2018, Lime recalled thousands of e-scooters [2] over concerns that a “manufacturing defect” in some of its e-scooters “could result in the battery smoldering, or in some cases catching fire.” The company eventually pulled about 2,000 e-scooters over the issue, but said that the risk of such an occurrence was only possible in a tiny percentage of cases, according to the Washington Post [3].

“All vulnerable e-scooters were quickly removed from circulation, minimally impacting service to our Los Angeles and Lake Tahoe markets,” Lime said in a statement. “At no time were riders or members of the public put at risk.”

A month after that recall, Lime recalled e-scooters manufactured by Okai [4] after multiple reports surfaced of the devices breaking in half under normal riding conditions. Lime said it would decommission all of its Okai Scooters as a result of the problem; however, it added that determining the precise number of e-scooters affected would be difficult, and declined to provide an estimate as to the exact number affected.

“Safety is Lime’s highest priority,” the company said in a statement. “The vast majority of Lime’s fleet is manufactured by other scooter companies and decommissioned Okai scooters are being replaced with newer, more advanced e-scooters considered best in class for safety. We don’t anticipate any real service disruptions.”

Serious Accidents Lead to Call for City-Wide Ban on E-Scooters

A member of the San Diego City Council is calling for a temporary ban on shared electric scooters after reports surfaced of at least 3 major car accidents involving Lime e scooters [5]. 50-Year-old Karen Riggott suffered catastrophic head injuries and a fractured skull on Saturday when she lost control of her e-scooter and hit her head at Liberty Station.

“My wife took one hand off the Bird Scooter came to a screeching halt – the handlebars moved to the left she fell and smashed her skull,” said Karen’s husband, Dean. She remains under heavy sedation at UCSD Medical Center with 8 skull fractures, a brain bleed and swelling.

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What Should I Do After a Bird Scooter Accident?

If you or a loved one was injured in a Bird Scooter accident, it is critical that you take the following steps to ensure your eligibility to file a claim seeking compensation for your injuries:

  1. Take photos of the accident scene, the Bird Scooter/vehicles involved, and any injuries sustained.
  2. Get a copy of the police report (if available).
  3. Seek medical treatment immediately, if needed.
  4. Use your personal injury protection to pay initial bills, and then use your health insurance. Get copies of all records and bills.
  5. Do not give a recorded statement to the other person’s insurance.
  6. Make sure you understand there are strict time limits in which to file a claim – statutes of limitations vary by state and type of accident.

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Update: Chicago E-Scooter Injury Statistics

(since 6/15/19 pilot launch)

  • Saints Mary and Elizabeth Hospitals (Wicker Park): 19 ER visits
  • Rush Hospital (Illinois Medical District): 2 patients requiring surgery
  • Mount Sinai Hospital (North Lawndale): 3 ER visits
  • Cook County Hospital (Illinois Medical District) 4 ER visits, one patient requiring surgery
  • University of Illinois Hospital (Illinois Medical District): No ER Visits
  • Northwestern Hospital (Streeterville): 6 ER visits as of July 3. According to a spokesperson, NWU will not be releasing further scooter injury data, stating, “We’ve been getting a lot of calls and this is not a priority for us.”

Norfolk, Virginia Beach Note Uptick in E-Scooter Accidents, But Nobody’s Keeping Track

Like many trendy cities across the U.S., Virginia Beach and Norfolk, Virginia, are currently in the midst of an e-scooter craze, and local officials have lamented seeing them laying on sidewalks everywhere. Police have noticed an increase in the number of injuries and accidents linked to Lime E Scooters, but there’s no way to tell how great an increase it is because nobody is keeping statistics, according to the South Side Daily.

“Unfortunately, our data system does not record the cause of all injury types, and ‘electric scooter’ is not a category in our hospital’s data system, so we cannot give you hard data on how many of these injuries we have seen,” said Kelly McCarthy, spokeswoman for Sentara Healthcare.

Dr. Richard Myers, Sentara Orthopedic Trauma surgeon, said he’s recently been treating more patients with injuries, but no hard data is available.

“The majority of injuries Dr. Myers has been treating in the orthopedic trauma department has been fractures to the wrist, ankle, and knee injuries. Many of these injuries have also been neurological, meaning brain-related injuries due to not wearing a helmet,” McCarthy said.

Both Sentara Norfolk General Hospital and Sentara Virginia Beach General Hospital’s trauma departments are in the process of looking into ways to accurately track injuries, she said.

Razor Scooter Accident in San Diego, SDPD Says

A 17-year-old boy was riding a Razor Scooter northbound across 2600 Genesee Ave when he jumped over the raised center wall and struck a 2007 Ford Focus that was traveling westbound, according to the Clairemont Times [4]. The boy was rushed to the hospital with facial lacerations and a brain bleed. The injuries are not believed to be life-threatening, police said.

CDC Study Identifies Crash Risk with E-Scooters

A recent study conducted by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and Department of Health and Transportation in Austin, Texas, found the crash risk associated with the trendy electric scooters found in many large U.S. cities to be approximately 20-in-100,000.

The study found at least 271 people who reported suffering scooter-related injuries between Sept. 5, 2018, and Nov. 30, 2018. CDC Researchers presented the data at the agency’s Epidemic Intelligence Service conference in Atlanta, Georgia.

During the study period noted above, there were a total of 182,333 hours of e-scooter use, 891,121 miles ridden on Lime scooters, and 936,110 e-scooter trips. The researchers found that there were approximately 20 individuals hurt per 100,000 scooter trips taken during the 3-month period.

Of the injured, nearly half suffered head injuries. At least 15% of these were subsequently diagnosed with traumatic brain injuries (TBIs), the study found. The authors said many of these injuries could have been prevented by wearing a helmet, but only one of 190 injured scooter riders was wearing one.

“These injuries may have been preventable,” the researchers concluded. “Studies have shown that bicycle riders reduce the risk of head and brain injuries by wearing a helmet. Helmet use might also reduce the risk of head and brain injuries in the event of an e-scooter crash.”

Can I File a Class Action?

Although Schmidt & Clark, LLP, is a nationally recognized class action firm, we have decided against this type of litigation when it comes to scooter injuries. Our personal injury attorneys feel that if there is a successful resolution to these cases, individual suits, not class actions will be the best way to get maximum payouts to our clients.

If you’ve been injured in a scooter accident, we know you’ve suffered emotionally and economically, and want to work with you personally to obtain the maximum compensation for the damages caused by your injuries. Contact us today to learn more about your legal rights.

Can I Sue Lime Scooter?

If you get injured in a Lime E-scooter accident, you may be eligible to sue the company for compensatory damages. Lime has $1 million in liability insurance that covers every scooter ride, and several Bird Scooter Accident Lawsuits are already pending against the San Francisco-based company.

In the wake of a Lime E-scooter injury, it’s important to protect your rights. You may be entitled to legal damages to cover all medical expenses, lost income, and other financial hardships.

Stand-up electric scooters made by Lime are now in dozens of cities worldwide. But just because they are popular and widely available doesn’t make them safe. Severe head injuries, broken bones, lacerations, and sprains are some of the most common injuries related to Lime Scooters.

University of California researchers evaluated government data on non-fatal ER injuries and found a significant uptick in admissions related to electric scooter use. From 2014-2018, E-scooter accidents and injuries increased a whopping 222 percent. Close to 40,000 injuries from E-scooter accidents were reported during the four-year study, and 33 percent of victims suffered from head trauma.

A 38-year-old Austin man was recently hospitalized with a sprained shoulder and broken arm after his Lime scooter’s wheels froze up, sending him flying across the street. Another scooter rider, in Indianapolis, was violently thrown onto the pavement when her Lime E-scooter abruptly accelerated. The woman suffered severe injuries and nearly died. She, like other victims, is suing Lime (parent company Neutron Holdings Inc.) and the scooters’ design and electric scooter companies for negligence.

Equipment failures, hardware problems, and manufacturing defects that result in physical harm may all give rise to a Bird Scooter Accident Lawsuit. If a company is aware of defects and problems in its product but does not take action to warn consumers or address said dangers, it may be forced to pay restitution.

While Lime has a lengthy user agreement that is designed to protect the company from litigation, injury victims have recourse if an E-scooter malfunction occurs and it becomes unreasonably dangerous.

If you or a loved one is involved in any sort of electronic scooter accident causing broken bones or other injuries, it’s vital to contact a qualified scooter accident lawyer as soon as possible. There are unique challenges when companies use a “click and wrap contract,” or user agreement, but the law firm of Schmidt & Clark, LLP, is well-equipped to navigate these hurdles and pursue maximum damages in a personal injury lawsuit.

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