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The product liability lawyers at Schmidt & Clark, LLP, are handling cases for victims who were severely burned by Cook’s Essentials pressure cooker explosions. The harm caused by the heat from these exploding pressure cookers is devastating and can lead to significant hospitalization, medical care, and permanent injuries.
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If you or a loved one had severe burn injuries or other injuries caused by faulty pressure cookers, you should contact our lawyers immediately about your potential case. Our lawyers are actively investigating electric pressure cooker explosions in all 50 states.

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History and Evolution of Pressure Cookers

According to Britannica research from 2024, the pressure cooker, a kitchen marvel, traces its origins back to the 17th century, when French physicist Denis Papin invented the “steam digester” to reduce cooking times [1]. Over the decades, this rudimentary device evolved into the modern pressure cooker we recognize today.

In the 20th century, with the advent of aluminum and stainless steel, pressure cookers became lighter and more durable. Safety mechanisms, such as pressure release valves and locking lids, were introduced to address early concerns about a pressure cooker explosion.

Today’s electric pressure cookers, with digital controls and multiple cooking functions, are a testament to how far this appliance has come, blending traditional cooking techniques with modern technology.

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Why are Pressure Cookers Dangerous?

Utilizing elevated pressure levels, pressure cookers effectively cook food, but if a malfunction occurs, they can pose risks. In instances where the lid fails to seal adequately, the escalating pressure may lead to lid detachment or food eruption, resulting in hazardous pressure cooker explosions.

In some cases, blocked vents in pressure cookers can trigger dangerous explosions. With temperatures reaching up to 250°F, this prevalent kitchen appliance heightens the risk of severe burns for individuals involved in pressure cooker incidents.

Pressure Cooker Safety Tips

As stated in Hip Pressure Cooking Organization, safety is paramount when using pressure cookers. To ensure a safe cooking experience, always inspect the rubber gasket for any signs of wear or cracks before use, as a compromised seal can lead to dangerous leaks. Ensure the vent or pressure release valve is clear of debris, which could prevent steam from escaping [2].

When opening the electric pressure cooker, always release the pressure fully and open the lid away from your face to avoid steam burn injuries. Never overfill the cooker, especially when cooking foods that expand, like rice or beans.

Regular maintenance, such as replacing worn-out parts and following the manufacturer’s cleaning instructions, can prolong the life of your pressure cooker and ensure it operates safely.

Comparative Analysis

According to the Instant Pot, the Cook’s Essentials pressure cooker model, popularized by the QVC home shopping network, is one among many in a competitive market. Brands like Instant Pot, Ninja, and Crock-Pot have their own versions, each with unique features. While Cook’s Essentials boasts affordability and a range of color options, Instant Pot is lauded for its multi-functionality, combining several kitchen appliances into one [3].

Ninja’s pressure cookers often integrate air frying capabilities, and Crock-Pot, a name synonymous with slow cooking, offers models that ensure even heat distribution. When choosing a pressure cooker model, consumers should consider safety features, capacity, ease of use, and additional functions to find the best fit for their needs.

General Pressure Cooker Statistics:

According to the National Electronic Injury Surveillance System, the majority of pressure cooker users are over the age of 30, with 46% of injured parties between the ages of 30 and 50, and 10% between 51 and 70. In 2008, of 39 sampled cases of pressure cooker-associated emergency room visits, 17 involved injuries where the pressure cooker either exploded or liquids burst from the pot, causing burns. The remaining 22 involved contact burns or steam burns.

There have been several recalls of pressure cookers in recent years due to safety concerns, including:

  • FagorSplendid Chef: Over 400,000 were recalled from 2007-2015, with more than 70 burn injuries reported.
  • Tristar Pressure Cooker: Recall of 145,000 units in 2012 due to lid detachments caused by excess pressure buildup, resulting in 29 reports of injuries.
  • Power Pressure Cooker XL: Recall nearly 1 million cookers in 2018 due to explosion and malfunction complaints.
  • Instant Pot Gem 65: Some batches were recalled in 2018 for potential fire risk from overheating.
  • Crock-Pot Express Crock: 2019 recall of 119,000 units following 99 incidents of the lid detaching violently.

What is the Cook’s Essentials Pressure Cooker?

According to the QVC, Cook’s Essentials and Technique pressure cookers are brand names sold exclusively through their Shopping channel [4].  The cookers are re-branded from various manufacturers including Fagor, Deni, Cuizen, Maxi-Matic, and IC Marks Inc.

Pressure cooker

Injuries Occurred from Exploding Electric Pressure Cookers

  • Serious burns
  • Hot steam burns
  • Second-degree burns
  • Third-degree burns
  • Eye injuries and blindness
  • Traumatic brain injuries
  • Scalds
  • Permanent scarring
  • Disfigurement
  • Emergency medical treatment
  • Kitchen and/or property damage

Illinois Woman Files Lawsuit After Pressure Cooker Exploded

A lawsuit has been filed by a woman who was severely burned by a Cook’s Essentials Pressure Cooker she bought from QVC.

The lawsuit was filed by Theresa S., a woman from Illinois who was injured by a Cook’s Essentials 6-Quart Electric Cooker (Model Number CEPC6005) on July 2, 2019 [5].

Her injuries occurred due to the pressure cooker’s lid suddenly and unexpectedly exploding off the pressure cooker’s pot, according to the lawsuit. The pressure cooker explosion caused its scalding-hot contents to be forcefully ejected from the pressure cooker and onto the Plaintiff.

The consumer claims that the appliance is defective because the lid can be removed with normal force while the unit remains pressurized, despite the appearance that all of the pressure has been released.

Her lawsuit was filed against IC Marks Inc. and QVC Inc. (doing business as Cook’s Essentials) on June 29, 2021, in the US. District Court for the Northern District of Illinois (Eastern Division) — Case Number 1-21-CV-03469.

Pressure Cooker Opening Method Quick Reference

Method Name Speed Procedure Electric
(approx min)
(approx min)
Cold-water Quick Fastest Move stove top pressure cooker to sink and pour cold water on the lid. NOT RECOMMENDED 30 sec.
Base Immersion Very Fast Move stove top pressure cooker to sink full of cold water and immerse the base of the cooker in it. NOT RECOMMENDED 1
(aka Quick Release)
Fast Open the pressure valve on the lid. 3 2
Slow Normal Somewhat Slow Open the pressure valve a little bit to release pressure slowly, or in short bursts 10 seconds apart. 6 5
10-Minute Natural Slow Count 10 minutes, and then release remaining pressure by opening the valve. If the pressure dissipates sooner than 10 minutes do not remove lid until time is up. 10 10
Natural Slowest Do not do anything. Wait until the pressure has dissipated completely, and the lid-lock has disengaged. 20-30 10-15

According to Hip Cooking [6].

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