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Much like the NutriBullet blender, the handheld Magic Bullet Blender & Food Processor has been reported to explode, sending hot liquids flying and causing serious burns to users and those standing nearby.
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When hot liquids are blended together in the blender, pressure builds up inside the container, which can cause the lid to explode from the base.

Despite this risk, the manufacturer markets the appliance as being ideal for preparing hot soups and coffee drinks together, and even recommends heating up Magic Bullet liquids in the microwave.

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What is the Magic Bullet Blender?

Manufactured by Homeland Housewares, a division of the American company Alchemy Worldwide, the Magic Bullet is a hi-speed handheld blender & mixer that “chops, mixes, blends, whips, grinds and minces.” The appliance is marketed as requiring minimal counter space while showcasing maximum versatility.

Thanks to an aggressive marketing campaign, the Magic Bullet is currently one of the top-selling appliances in the world, generating more than $500 million in revenue across more than 50 countries.

Magic Bullet Injuries

  • Severe burns to the hands, arms, and face of users and those standing nearby
  • Serious cuts
  • Scalding
  • Lacerations
  • Injuries to children who think the Magic Bullet is a toy
  • Other major injuries

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How Does the Exploding Magic Bullet Blender Compare to the NutriBullet?

The biggest difference between The Magic Bullet and NutriBullet blender is the motor speed, according to [1] The NutriBullet has a larger and more powerful 600 watt motor vs the Magic Bullet’s 250 watt motor; however, the Magic Bullet Blender comes with more accessories, which the site says makes it more convenient over purchasing mixing cups separately.

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Does the Manufacturer Warn About the Burn Risk?

Despite being linked to multiple reports of numerous people suffering severe burn injuries after their Magic Bullet exploded, Homeland Housewares has not warned consumers of this risk, nor has it issued a recall for the Magic Bullet blender.

Are Magic Bullet Lawsuits Being Filed?

Only a qualified attorney can determine whether consumers are eligible to file individual lawsuits against Homeland Housewares, the maker of the Magic Bullet, which is why we are currently offering free case evaluations. Simply fill out the confidential evaluation form below to contact our law firm now.

Most cases involving products liability allege that a product was sold with design, manufacturing, and/or marketing defects, which typically refers to a company’s failure to warn of a certain potential problem.

In the case of the Magic Bullet blender, our attorneys suspect that patients may be able to take legal action in light of individual claims that Homeland Housewares failed to adequately warn about the risk of the device exploding, causing severe burns and other injuries to users and those nearby.

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How Can Filing a Lawsuit Help Me?

By filing a lawsuit against the maker of the Magic Bullet, you may be entitled to collect compensation for all current and future medical expenses related to the treatment of your burn injury, as well as for damages for pain and suffering.

Additionally, injured consumers who file an individual lawsuit can help hold the appliance’s manufacturer accountable for releasing an allegedly defective product into the marketplace, and to discourage other companies from engaging in similar conduct.

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