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Renew Your Driver’s License and Avoid License Renewal Fees

If you’ve had your driver’s license suspended or revoked, you’ll have to pay a small reinstatement fee to get it back once you’ve fulfilled all the other legal requirements necessary to obtain a valid license.
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How to Renew Your Driver’s License

In most states, your driver’s license will expire on your birthday every 5 years. You will receive a renewal notice through the mail from the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) office around the 2-month mark before it expires.

Based on your driver’s license standing (valid, suspended license, lost/damaged, expired), you may renew by:

  • Using the DMV website.
  • Calling the DMV.
  • Mail.
  • Visiting the DMV in person.

In order to meet the requirements for renewals or to check the status of your new license by phone and mail, you need to:

  • Hold a driver’s license that will expire within 60 days.
  • Be younger than 70 years old.
  • Not have a driving probation or license that is suspended.
  • Have not failed to appear in court in the previous 2 years.
  • Not have made your last 2 renewals through the mail.
  • Not having an out-of-state driver’s license.

What if My Driver’s License is Expired, Suspended, or Lost?

If you have an expired driver’s license, you can still renew it online, in person, or by mail. However, it is important to remember that it is illegal for you to drive until your license is renewed.

Additionally, if you’re a commercial truck driver and your driver’s license has expired for more than 2 years, you will be required to take the road skills test again.

For those whose driver’s license has been suspended, you’ll need to get your driving privileges back before you are eligible to renew.

For a lost or stolen driver’s license, you can use the above methods to renew it.

Do You Have to Take a Written Test to Renew Your License?

Written tests are required for driver’s license renewals in most states. The written test contains 18 questions and is meant to evaluate your understanding of the laws, rules, and etiquette of driving in your state. To pass, you must get at least 15 questions correct.

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Can I Renew My Driver’s License if I Have a Warrant?

It depends on the warrant, but also on whether there is a Department of Public Safety (DPS) officer available at the time you go in. Your best bet is to contact the court where your warrant is and make arrangements to pay it or clear it.

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