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Verify Driver Insurance: Free & Easy Ways to Check (2024)

If you are involved in a car accident with another person, the easiest and most straightforward way to find out if the other person has auto insurance coverage is to ask them directly. However, if this is not possible or they are unwilling for whatever reason, there are other ways to obtain this information.
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What are Other Ways to Find Out if a Person Has Auto Insurance Coverage?

According to C&D, if simply asking a person if they have auto insurance and exchanging information at the time of the accident is not an option, you can [1]:

  • Check the Vehicle Registration – In certain jurisdictions, you can check insurance information on a vehicle through the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). Contact your local DMV or check their online portal for details.
  • Police Report – If you contact the police after the accident, they will file a police report. This report should contain auto insurance information for all parties. You can get a copy of the police report from the relevant law enforcement agency.
  • Contact Your Insurance Company – You can also contact your own insurance company if you have a legitimate concern. They may be able to help you verify the other driver’s insurance information, especially if you need it to file a claim.
  • Online Insurance Verification Services – There are many services on the Internet in which you can check to see if a vehicle is insured. However, be cautious with third-party online services that claim to provide insurance information. Using such services might have legal and privacy implications. Ensure that your actions comply with the law and respect privacy regulations. You may also want to check with your state’s DMV or insurance department to see if they offer such a service.

Having the correct auto insurance information is essential for you and for everyone involved if you are in a collision. Learn more about auto insurance and how to find out if someone has auto insurance coverage – C&D

What To Do If You’ve Been Involved in an Auto Accident

In addition to exchanging insurance information with the other parties, you should follow these steps if you’ve been involved in an auto accident:

  • Check for Injuries –  First and foremost, check yourself and others for injuries. Call 9-1-1 if anyone has been injured.
  • Move to a Safe Location – If possible, move all vehicles involved in the accident to the side of the road to avoid blocking traffic. This will help ensure everyone’s safety.
  • Contact Law Enforcement – Call the police to report the accident. In certain states, you are legally obligated to involve the police in accidents involving injuries, significant damage, or disputes.
  • Document the Scene – Use your phone to take photos of the accident scene, including the damage to vehicles, license plates, and any relevant road signs or signals. This documentation will be useful when making insurance claims.
  • Talk to Witnesses – If any third parties witnessed the accident, get their names and contact information. Their statements may be valuable during future insurance claims or legal proceedings.
  • Don’t Admit Fault – Avoid admitting fault or blaming the other person at the scene. Stick to the facts when talking about the incident with the other party and the police.
  • File a Police Report – If the police are present, file a report and obtain a copy of it for your records.
  • Notify Your Insurance Company – Report the accident to your auto insurance company immediately. Provide the company with accurate and detailed information about the accident.
  • Seek Medical Attention – Even if injuries seem minor, go to an emergency room immediately. Certain injuries may not be immediately apparent, and it’s crucial to document any medical issues caused by the incident.

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