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How Many Hours is Part-Time?
What You Need to Know

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics considers anything more than 35 hours per week full-time employment. However, this definition is only used for statistical purposes, and ultimately it comes down to what the employer defines as full-time work.
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What are the Advantages of Part-Time Hours?

There are many reasons why part-time work might be beneficial for many individuals, including:

Better flexibility and Reduced Stress - Full-time work is often tiring for employees. If your job causes you excessive stress, it can affect your overall performance and even cause health problems. Part-time employment can reduce stress in the workplace, as you may not be given the same amount of responsibility.

Improve Time Management Skills - When you work part-time, you have less time to accomplish your tasks, which is why people who work shorter hours tend to have stronger time management skills. Part-time workers need to be able to manage their time efficently, make smart decisions, and come up with effective solutions on the fly.

New Opportunities and New Skills - When you are employed part-time, you have the opportunity to gain experience and training in multiple fields. Some employers may be reluctant to take on less experienced employees for full-time hours. However, they may be more willing to hire a less experienced candidate part-time if they’re enthusiastic and eager to learn.

What are the Disadvantages of Part-Time Work?

  • Can cause under-staffing
  • May create difficulty in scheduling meetings, coordinating projects
  • Difficulty in measuring working hours and performance of part-time employees
  • Can negatively impact the employee’s income and benefits
  • Could negatively affect the employee’s chances for career advancement
  • Employee may be viewed as less committed by colleagues
  • Supervision issues
  • The employee’s other job duties need to be reassigned

What Jobs are Best for Part-time Work?

Retail, fast food, and hospitality work has traditionally been the domain of part-time employers, as these companies often need flexible schedules to accommodate changes in demand. However, more professionals have recently become part-time workers to give both employee and employer increased flexibility.

Do Part-Time Employees Get Benefits?

Part-time employees may receive benefits, but it's typically up to their employers. So long as they follow all minimum federal, state and local requirements, businesses have the right to dictate their own benefits packages and determine who is or isn't eligible.

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