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Glock Lawsuit Update: Get the Right Lawyer

A recent class action lawsuit alleges that firearms maker Glock Inc. failed to warn consumers that certain pistols it manufactures are defective and can blowout when fired, causing severe injuries and even death.
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What’s the Problem?

According to the class action lawsuit, Glock pistols are unreasonably dangerous and people have been seriously injured by the defect, but Glock has failed to warn of this risk, fix the issue, or recall the firearms.

The Glock pistol defect affects:

  • .40 caliber Glock handguns
  • .45 caliber Glock handguns
  • 10-millimeter Glock handguns

Note: Other Glock pistols may also have an unsupported chamber and experience a blowout when fired.

These pistols are fitted with a feed ramp that is too long, according to the class action. The feed ramp enters the chamber, which causes a lack of chamber support for the ammunition, causing the fired round to exert unreasonable pressure on the round that is in the 6 o’clock position, resulting in a “Kaboom” or “blowout.” Glock did not warn customers of this design, the complaint states.

Despite multiple reports that this pistol design has caused severe injuries, even when the firearm is being used as intended, Glock continues to market its handguns as “safe for use” and does not warn customers of the defective design, according to the lawsuit.

Have Any Other Lawsuits Been Filed?

In 2017, a Massachusetts man who claims he was injured after firing a Glock handgun filed a lawsuit against the manufacturer. Plaintiff claimed the gun exploded when he fired it, knocking him to the ground. He allegedly suffered a leg injury and hearing loss when shrapnel hit his face and body.

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New York Subway Shooting Victim Sues Glock

A woman who was shot in a Brooklyn subway attack in April 2022 has filed a lawsuit against Glock alleging that the company markets its firearms by emphasizing qualities that make them attractive to criminals, according to the New York Times [1.].

Plaintiff Ilene Steur was critically wounded in the attack, one of 30 people hurt during the shooting on an N train that goes down as the worst crime in New York’s public transit system in decades.

Steur, 49, filed the federal lawsuit in Brooklyn, arguing that the manufacturer of the gun used in the attack should be held liable for the chaos that unfolded in the Sunset Park neighborhood.

The complaint accuses Glock of improperly marketing its firearms with an emphasis on their high capacity, their easy concealment, and other features that “appeal to purchasers with criminal intent.” The manufacturer has also failed to “adopt the most basic policies and practices” to stop firearms from falling into the wrong hands, according to the lawsuit.

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