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Sadly, forklift accidents are ubiquitous in the American workplace: over 20,000 workers in the United States suffer serious injury and death in forklift-related accidents each year.

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What’s the problem?

A forklift is often the most dangerous piece of equipment that can be found in a typical manufacturing facility, warehouse, grocery store, or construction site. Although heavy, its small size makes it prone to falling over on uneven surfaces, and its speed can contribute to collisions with people and property. Proper maintenance and operator safety training are essential to minimize forklift accidents.

Forklift Accident Statistics

The following is the percentage of forklift accidents broken down by category:

  • 26% of forklift accidents are caused by the forklift tipping over
  • 18% of forklift accidents involve employees or pedestrians being hit by forklifts
  • 14% of forklift accidents occur by the load falling off of the forklift
  • 14% of forklift accidents occur when forklifts are used to elevate people
  • 7% of forklift accidents occur due to forklifts accidentally being driven off loading docks, or due to workplace design which is hazardous for forklift use
  • 7% of forklift accidents occur due of improper maintenance of the forklift
  • 3% of forklift accidents occur because of loss of forklift control by the operator
  • 3% of forklift accidents occur because of improper use of fork lift

The Occupational Safety & Hazard Association (OSHA) has a standard training and evaluation program that all forklift operators must complete before they are can operate a forklift. If an employer chooses not to follow the OSHA guidelines, they can be found negligent. It is the employer's responsibility to notify untrained and unlicensed employees that forklifts are off limits.

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