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In recent years there have been hundreds of reports of Dell laptop batteries overheating, which can cause devastating laptop fires causing property damage, severe burns, and even death. Over 4 million Dell computers were recalled over this issue, involving Dell Latitude, Precision, and Inspiron laptops.
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Update: Dell Sued for $1.4 Million Over Laptop Battery Fire

A New Zealand couple has filed a lawsuit against Dell Inc. after their $2 million lodge was allegedly destroyed in a fire started by a defective laptop battery.

Plaintiffs Denise and Gordon McGregors claim that the fire caused significant damage to the lodge’s main building, and that firefighters were unable to save it. A subsequent investigation by a fire investigators confirmed the laptop battery exploded, according to the lawsuit.

What’s the Problem?

Dell laptop computers are a fundamental part of many people’s lives, and we bring them with us almost everywhere we go. This is part of modern life, but an unexpected consequence of Dell notebook computers is that they have the potential of batteries overheating, exploding and starting disastrous laptop battery fires.

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Why Do Lithium Ion Batteries Explode?

Dell laptops can present a fire hazard for a number of reasons including:

  • Thermal runaway – Normal use process that can lead to an explosion when there is a problem that causes the battery to produce more heat than it can handle.
  • Heat damage – Lithium-ion batteries can be damaged by excessive storage heat of over 60 degrees Celsius.
  • Overcharging / recharge quickly
  • Manufacturing defects
  • Product tampering
  • Poor conductors

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Laptop Battery Recalls

  • 2001 – Dell recalls 284,000 laptop batteries
  • December 2005 – Dell recalls 22,000 laptop batteries
  • August 2007 – Dell recalls 4.1 million laptop batteries [1] because of the risk of fire.
  • January 2017 – Hewlett Packard recalled 101,000 laptop batteries [2] amid reports of the devices overheating and catching fire.

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How to Tell if your Battery is Defective

While most consumers are interested in preventing laptop battery fires, it can be difficult to determine if you have a defective battery before it explodes or catches fire. You should always pay attention to the power of your battery, and use caution handling hot batteries, as they can overheat and cause severe burns.

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What To Do When a Battery Overheats

If your laptop battery overheats, hisses or bulges, immediately move it away from flammable materials and place it on a non-combustible surface. If possible, remove the battery and put it outdoors to overheat / explode.

How to Prevent Laptop Battery Fires

  • Charge your device on a hard surface
  • Don’t charge devices on beds or couches
  • Don’t overcharge devices
  • Don’t leave your laptop plugged in and charging overnight or when you go to work

Who’s Liable?

In laptop battery lawsuits, several parties are often named as defendants. The lithium ion battery manufacturer, as well as the product manufacturer (if different) can both be held liable if they may have been aware of the issue, or could have easily prevented the problem.

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