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Illinois Auto Mechanic Files Benzene Lawsuit

An auto mechanic from Illinois who claims he developed multiple myeloma after being exposed to benzene at his job has filed a lawsuit against his former employers.

A lawsuit was recently filed in Cook County, Illinois, by an auto mechanic who claims he developed multiple myeloma after being exposed to benzene for years at his job.

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What’s the Problem?

May 19, 2017 – According to the lawsuit, Plaintiff Steven J. Williams was frequently exposed to benzene and/or chlorinated hydrocarbons during his 35 year career as an auto mechanic.

Williams claims that he was diagnosed with multiple myeloma as a result of prolonged exposure to carcinogens in diesel fuel, parts washer solvent, paint, belt dressings and more. Multiple myeloma is a life-threatening form of cancer that begins in the plasma cells of bone marrow.

Benzene is a sweet-smelling, flammable chemical used in many automotive products such as solvents, cleaning agents and degreasers. Mechanics are mainly exposed to the chemical by breathing it in the air or absorbing it through their skin. Benzene accumulates in the bone marrow and causes the bones to produce cancerous white blood cells.

Several recent benzene exposure lawsuits have resulted in multi-million dollar jury awards. In November 2016, a railroad worker with leukemia was awarded $7.5 million. The worker was exposed to benzene, creosote and solvents on the job, according to the lawsuit.

Williams’ complaint was filed against Ashland Inc., BP Products North America Inc., Hess Corp., Safety-Kleen Systems Inc., The Sherwin-Williams Co., E.I. DuPont de Nemours & Co., Axalta Coating Systems LLC, CRC Industries Inc., Rust-Oleum Corp., Radiator Specialty Co., Heritage Crystal Clean LLC, Shell Oil Co., ExxonMobil Corp. and Marathon Petroleum Corp.

Plaintiff alleges that the defendants’ products contained benzene, yet their labeling provided no warnings about the potential health risks involved with using them.

Do I have a Benzene Lawsuit?

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