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Attorney Letter of Representation
(Examples & What Should Include?)

An attorney letter of representation is a document sent from a lawyer to an individual or entity advising that the lawyer represents a party in a legal matter. A letter of representation is an initial correspondence to begin seeking damages or the resolution of a matter (most commonly through the filing of a lawsuit).
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What Should an Attorney Letter of Representation Include?

A good attorney letter of representation should contain the following information:

  • Your attorney’s name and contact information
  • The reason for legal representation
  • A summary of the facts of your case
  • An explanation of your injuries (in an accident case), and
  • An inquiry into insurance policy limits (if an accident or personal injury case).

Attorney Letter of Representation Example

Name of party
Business/entity title
Business address

Our Client:
Your Insured:
Date of Accident:

Dear ______:

Please be advised that this office represents the above-named individual for the injuries sustained as a result of an automobile accident with your insured. Your client ran a red light with multiple witnesses. I do not suspect you will dispute responsibility.

I will forward you the medical bills and reports for my client as soon as they become available. We will keep you posted on significant treatment developments.

Also, please inform me of the policy limit on your insured's vehicle and let me know of any other applicable insurance coverages that might pertain to this claim. I have a concern that this is a policy limits case.

If you have any questions or concerns about this claim, please contact me at your convenience.


Name of attorney

What Happens After a Letter of Representation?

Once your attorney sends the letter, you will not need to correspond with the claims adjuster. Your attorney will handle all aspects of your claim on your behalf. If an adjuster does contact you after the letter is sent, tell them that they will need to speak with your attorney.

What is an Attorney Letter of Non-Representation?

An Attorney letter of non-representation is used to advise an attorney's client and other parties to a transaction or litigation that the attorney represents only the attorney's client and does not represent, and will not provide legal services for, other parties.

What is a Drop Letter?

A drop letter is intended to announce that the relationship is no longer continuing and to refer the client to another attorney. In the disengagement letter, the attorney should warn the client of applicable time limitations, deadlines, and uncompleted investigation or casework.

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