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Amtrak Accident Lawsuit

The National Railroad Passenger Corporation, doing business as Amtrak, has recently experienced a troubling number of derailments and accidents in its trains, which have been blamed on everything from outdated equipment, a decaying infrastructure, and conductor / personnel error.

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2 killed, 100’s Injured Hurt When Amtrak and Freight Train Collide

An Amtrak train headed from New York to Miami has collided with a parked freight train, killing 2 and injuring at least 116 others, according to CNN.

The railroad maintenance crew had disabled the signal system to install technology known as positive train control, which is designed to automatically slow a train down to prevent the exact kind of crash that occurred, a cruel twist of irony that strikes at the senselessness of the tragedy.

In response to the accident, Robert L. Sumwalt, chairman of the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB), on Sunday criticized the lack of the safety system on the track, saying that the technology could have prevented the accident.

Investigators Recover Data Recorder from Wreckage

Sumwalt said Monday that the train’s event data recorder had been uncovered, and that it could help determine conclusively the series of events that took place leading up to the crash. “We want to find out why this switch was in that position,” Sumwalt said.

Amtrak Train Hits Bicyclist in Florida

Jan. 16, 2020 – An Amtrak train collided with a bicyclist on Wednesday in West Palm Beach, Florida, according to FOX 29 Philadelphia. Authorities said the crash, which occurred at about 3:44 p.m. near the Mangonia Park train station, was the result of a person trespassing on the tracks and then coming into contact with Amtrak Silver Star train 91, which was on its way from New York to Miami. The 94 passengers in the train and crew members were not injured; the condition of the bicyclist has not been released.

Woman Killed by Amtrak Train in South Carolina

January 10, 2020 – Authorities are investigating a fatal crash that took place Thursday between an Amtrak train and pedestrian in Hanahan, South Carolina, according to Live 5 WCSC.

The train was on its way to New York from Savannah when the accident occurred near Hanahan Road and Railroad Avenue. Investigators said the train struck a person who was on the track, and service was suspended following the incident. The identity of the deceased has not been made available pending notification of next-of-kin.

Motorcyclist Killed in Crash With Amtrak Train in California

Dec. 23, 2019 – A motorcyclist in Shasta Lake, California, was killed Saturday afternoon after the person collided with an Amtrak train, according to the Redding Record Searchlight. The Shasta County Sheriff’s Department said the accident occurred at about 4:30 p.m. Saturday, south of Shasta Dam Boulevard and west of La Mesa Avenue. Medical responders attempted life-saving measures on the motorcyclist, but he died at the scene of the crash, sheriff’s officials said.

Amtrak Train Collides With Vehicle in Florida; Multiple Deaths Reported

Nov. 25, 2019 – Multiple fatalities were reported after an Amtrak train hit a car in Jupiter, Florida, on Saturday, according to NBC News. The collision occurred along the 18000 block of Beeline Highway at the entrance to the Corbett area, authorities said. No injuries were reported in passengers of the train.

Woman Awarded $4.5 Million in Amtrak Derailment Lawsuit

Nov. 14, 2019 – A woman injured during a 2017 Amtrak train derailment in Dupont, Washington, has been awarded $4.5 million in damages, according to KIRO-TV. Plaintiff Madeline Garza was just 18-years-old at the time of the accident, which left her with major injuries to her lower pelvis and spine, 3 fractured ribs, a lacerated liver, and permanent nerve damage.

“I am so grateful for the jury’s powerful decision today,” Garza said after the verdict was announced. “This is not just about justice for myself, but to also send a clear message to Amtrak about changing their practices. I hope that this compels Amtrak to improve safety measures on their trains so that accidents like the one I lived through don’t happen ever again.”

Amtrak Vehicle Crash Kills New York Man

Nov. 11, 2019 – A driver killed in a vehicle-train crash in Ballston, New York, has been identified as a resident of the road on which the accident took place, according to The Daily Gazette. Seventy-three-year-old Timothy B. Smith was killed when his car was struck by an Amtrak train around noon on Sunday, sheriff’s officials said. No injuries were reported on the Adirondack Train 69, which was heading from New York City to Montreal.

Amtrak Train Crashes into Dump Truck, Killing Driver

October 1, 2019 – An Amtrak train slammed into a dump truck in Sunnyvale, Texas, on Monday night, killing the truck driver, according to NBC 5 Dallas-Fort Worth. The incident occurred near the intersection of Lawson and East Scyene Road, just east of the Mesquite Metro Airport, investigators said. The train’s conductor said the dump truck driver went around the railroad crossing arms before being hit. None of the 79 people on the Amtrak train were injured, according to police.

Amtrak Train Hits, Kills Person in Chatsworth

September 20, 2019 – A person was struck and killed by an Amtrak train just after 8:00 pm on Wednesday near the Chatsworth Metrolink Station, according to KTLA 5. The accident happened in a non-pedestrian area on the 21300 block of Devonshire Street. The victim, who has not been named, was pronounced dead at the scene, and one other person was taken to the hospital with non life-threatening injuries.

“There have been no injuries reported to the 151 passengers or crew members on board,” said Amtrak spokesperson Beth Toll.

The train involved was the Amtrak Coast Starlight Train 11 traveling from Seattle to Los Angeles, Toll said.

Plaintiffs Awarded $17 Million in Washington Amtrak Derailment Lawsuit

September 19, 2019 – A jury in Washington Federal Court on Friday awarded $17 million in damages to 3 plaintiffs in a lawsuit filed over the deadly 2017 Amtrak train crash outside Dupont, Washington, according to the Seattle Times. The 8-person jury awarded $7.75 million to Dale Skyllingstad, $7 million to Blaine Wilmotte, and $2 million to his wife, Madison Wilmotte. The verdict and pay-outs may set a precedent for future Amtrak derailment lawsuits, according to NBC News.

Soldiers Honored for ‘Acts of Heroism’ in Amtrak Crash

August 27, 2019 – Army medical officers and a nurse have been honored for their efforts in rescuing passengers when an Amtrak train crashed during the inaugural run of the Point Defiance Bypass route, according to Seattle Post-Intelligencer. The lead locomotive and all 12 passenger cars derailed on December 18, 2017, while approaching a bridge over I-5. Data showed that the train was traveling nearly 80 miles per hour — 50 miles per hour over the speed limit — when the derailment began.

Washington Amtrak Derailment: Police Drone Footage

Pedestrian Killed by Amtrak Train in Illinois

August 22, 2019 – An outbound Amtrak train struck and killed a pedestrian on the railroad tracks near Shermer Road in downtown Northbrook outside Chicago on Wednesday, according to Journal & Topics. The pedestrian, who was in an illegal area and trespassing on property of the railroad company, was struck just north of the Northbrook Metra station, an Amtrak spokesman said. Service on Metra’s Milwaukee District North Line remains halted in both directions pending completion of the investigation.

Woman Uninjured After Car Wreck with Amtrak Train

August 12, 2019 – A woman walked away miraculously unscathed on Sunday after her car hit an Amtrak train in Jacksonville, Florida, and flew off the tracks, according to WFTV 9 ABC. A spokesperson from the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office says the woman lost control of her vehicle after swerving to miss a railroad crossing arm as it was coming down, and rammed the train’s front 2 engines. The train was traveling about 45 miles per hour when the impact occurred, the spokesperson said, and the impact of the crash decoupled the engines and tore off the front end of the woman’s car. However, despite the seriousness of the crash, the woman walked away uninjured.

Man Killed in Amtrak Train Crash Identified

August 9, 2019 – Authorities have released the name of a man killed last week in a crash involving an Amtrak train and a pickup truck in Marion, Texas. The man, 62-year-old Leo Barnett of Cibolo, Texas, was killed at the scene, according to Guadalupe County Sheriff Investigator Sgt. Zachary McBride. He said there are no crossing arms at the place where the tracks cross the road, and that Barnett might have accidentally been on the tracks at the time the train struck the pickup.

“From what we understand, he was a frequent visitor to the location where the wreck happened,” McBride said. “He went over the track frequently and may not have paid attention and it was purely an accident.”

Driver Dies After Being Hit By Amtrak Train In New Hampshire

July 29, 2019 – A driver was killed after their car was hit by an Amtrak train in Newton, New Hampshire, according to CBS Boston. The vehicle and train collided around 5:50 p.m. on Sunday, Amtrak said. It is still uncertain how the car managed to remain on the tracks when the train passed through.

CSX agrees on blame for deadly Amtrak crash

July 24, 2019 – CSX is agreeing with federal officials who say the company is responsible for the Amtrak crash that killed 2 people and hurt nearly 100 passengers in South Carolina last year, according to the Washington Post. CSX spokeswoman Cindy Schild says the company’s rules and procedures were not followed when one of its crews parked a train on a side track near Columbia and then didn’t flip a switch to move the tracks back to the main line. The Amtrak train then went down that side track at full speed and hit the parked train head on.

“It Was Bodies Everywhere”: South Carolina Amtrak Train Crash Witness

February 7, 2018 – Investigators say Amtrak Train 91 was traveling south on Sunday and should have continued straight down the tracks, but a rail switch had been manually set to divert the train onto the track where a CSX train was parked. Sadly, the collision killed 2 employees, an engineer and a conductor, according to investigators.

“It was bodies everywhere,” one eyewitness told ABC News. “The seats came up off the floor.”

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