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Workers’ health and safety is important and must be taken seriously. Unfortunately, many employers value production over safety. This is one reason why thousands of American workers are injured or killed by aerial lift & crane accidents each year.

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What’s the problem?

An insulated aerial lift, often called a cherry picker, bucket truck or aerial lift, is a tool that is mounted onto the top of a truck utility body. An aerial device essentially consists of a rotational turret or turntable that is bolted into a truck utility body.

Aerial lifts are sold primarily to be used in the electrical utility industry by line maintainers to perform work on live high-voltage electrical lines.

Essentially, an aerial lift is intended to serve two primary functions. One, to provide a working platform for linemen to reach the high-voltage lines. Second, to protect the lineman in the event that there is accidental or inadvertent contact of the insulated aerial device with a live electrical line.

Unfortunately, insulated aerial lifts had a hidden design defect in the event of an inadvertent boom tip contact. Inadvertent boom tip contact occurs when a metal or conductive portion of the boom tip contacts an energized line and the lineman is in contact with a ground source and touches the conductive control handle.

Sadly, the conductive control handle on the “insulated” aerial device facilitates a direct grounding source resulting in operator death or loss of limbs. Unfortunately, the insulated aerial devices’ control handle was not designed to be isolated and insulated in the event of boom tip contact.

Another defect involving aerial lift manufacturers is what is known in the industry as “undecking.” Undecking occurs when the bolts fastening the turret or turntable fatigue and fracture resulting in the catastrophic collapse of the entire boom.

As a result of an undecking, the innocent worker in the bucket is often thrown out sustaining serious spinal injuries or death.

Today, economically and technologically available innovations exist to protect workers from the electrical continuity hazard. Yet, thousands of aerial lifts are still in the field totally lacking such simple and protective technology.

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