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Lawsuits are now being filed against the makers of Rybelsus (generic: semaglutide), a type 2 diabetes medication that has been linked to serious side effects including stomach paralysis (gastroparesis), gallbladder disorders and other severe gastrointestinal problems.
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A new study published in JAMA [1.] suggests people taking popular weight loss and diabetes drugs like Rybelsus may be at higher risk for serious digestive problems including stomach paralysis, pancreatitis, and bowel obstructions, compared with those taking other types of weight loss medications.

The researchers found risks of these side effects occurring in individual patients appear to be rare — about 1% of people taking Ozempic were diagnosed with stomach paralysis, for example. However, demand for the drugs has exploded, with tens of millions now taking them worldwide. Researchers say even rare risks like these may amount to hundreds of thousands of new cases.

When you have millions of people using these drugs, you know, a 1% risk still translates to many people who may experience these events, said lead study author Dr. Mahyar Etminan, an epidemiologist at the University of British Columbia.

Lawsuit Alleges Stomach Risks from Diabetes, Weight Loss Drugs

A lawsuit has been filed on behalf of a diabetic woman from Louisiana who alleges that the makers of Ozempic and Mounjaro, diabetes medications in the same class as Rybelsus, failed to provide adequate warnings regarding severe stomach problems associated with the use of the drugs.

Ozempic and Mounjaro, which have been approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to treat type 2 diabetes, are also commonly prescribed “off-label” for weight loss in obese individuals. Ozempic is manufactured and marketed by Novo Nordisk, while Mounjaro is made by Eli Lilly and Co.

In the lawsuit, 44-year-old Plaintiff Jaclyn Bjorklund claims that she was “severely injured” after being prescribed Ozempic and Mounjaro and that the manufacturers failed to warn about the risk of vomiting and diarrhea due to inflammation of the stomach lining, as well as stomach paralysis.

Bjorklund took Ozempic for over a year, and in July 2023 switched to Mounjaro at the direction of her physician, according to the lawsuit. Soon after switching to Mounjaro, Bjorklund began suffering from “severe vomiting, stomach pain, gastrointestinal burning, being hospitalized for stomach issues on several occasions including visits to the emergency room, [and] teeth falling out due to excessive vomiting, requiring additional medications to alleviate her excessive vomiting, and throwing up whole food hours after eating,” the complaint states.

What is Rybelsus?

Rybelsus is a brand name for semaglutide, a prescription medication used to treat type 2 diabetes. The drug is designed to help control blood sugar in adults when used with diet and exercise. Rybelsus was approved by the FDA in 2019.

How Does it Work?

Rybelsus works by mimicking the effects of GLP-1, an incretin hormone that occurs naturally in the body and is released following a meal. The drug stimulates the secretion of insulin after eating, reducing the amount of glucose produced by the liver, which helps you feel fuller.

What is Stomach Paralysis?

Gastroparesis, which is the medical term for stomach paralysis, is a stomach disorder that occurs when your stomach takes too long to empty out food. If food stays in your stomach for too long, it can harden into solid masses called bezoars.

These masses may upset your stomach and make you vomit. They can also create a blockage in your stomach, which can be dangerous if it stops food from passing into your small intestine.

In most patients, gastroparesis is a chronic, or long-term, condition.

New Lawsuit Filed Over “Stomach Paralysis” Caused by Weight-Loss Drugs: ABC News Video

Gastroparesis Symptoms

Stomach paralysis often causes a number of non-specific symptoms, which is why it is important for a gastroenterologist to make the official diagnosis.

Symptoms of gastroparesis include:

  • Vomiting
  • Nausea
  • Abdominal bloating
  • Abdominal pain
  • A feeling of fullness after eating just a few bites
  • Vomiting undigested food eaten a few hours earlier
  • Acid reflux
  • Changes in blood sugar levels
  • Lack of appetite
  • Weight loss/malnutrition

Is There a Gastroparesis Warning on the Labeling of Rybelsus?

There is no language in the prescribing information or the label of Rybelsus that specifically mentions the terms “gastroparesis” or “stomach paralysis.” However, the labeling of the drug states that it can cause “delays in gastric emptying.”

Is There a Rybelsus Class Action Lawsuit?

At this time, Rybelsus lawsuits are being pursued as individual claims on behalf of individuals who have suffered gastrointestinal problems after taking the drug.

With approximately 15% of Americans having used a weight loss drug like Rybelsus at some point, it is widely expected that many thousands of injury claims will be filed in courts across the U.S. in the coming months and years.

Since each claim will involve similar questions of fact and law, a federal multidistrict litigation (MDL) may be established in the future, where discovery and pretrial proceedings will be centralized before a single judge. However, if the defendants fail to reach a settlement or another resolution in the MDL, each individual claim may later be remanded back to its original jurisdiction for a separate trial in the future.

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