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Tower Pressure Cooker Explosion Lawsuit Attorney

A european device manufacturer is recalling its 6-litre One Touch Stainless Steel pressure cookers over a serious risk of burns, according to a recall notice posted by RAPEX.
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Tower claimed in February 2019 that it wasn’t aware of any recall and that the firm has in its possession all the EU test certifications indicating that its 6-liter One Touch Stainless Steel pressure cooker is safe to use as directed. The company claims there have been no complaints or injuries associated with the pressure cooker in Europe.

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What’s the problem?

The alert states that the stove-top pressure cooker, on sale at Argos and Robert Dyas, doesn’t comply with the Pressure Equipment Directive requirements due to ‘inadequate’ safety devices. If the lid is opened abruptly, the gasket may eject from the top, which would cause hot liquid to shoot out of the pressure cooker.

It is also possible that the upper part of the manometric rod may become partially detached and therefore the safe opening system no longer works properly, the CPSC states.

Which Pressure Cookers Are Affected by the Recall?

According to the European Commission, the recalled pressure cookers have the model number T90103, which can be found on the base of the pressure cooker, and barcode 5055195872791 on the box [1]. If you have one of the cookers, you should stop using it immediately, regardless of whether you’ve had any problems with it in the past, and contact the manufacturer for more information.

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Burn Injury Statistics

  • In children under 5 years old, a significant portion of scald injuries, ranging from 27% to 60%, stem from cups, mugs, or tableware containing hot liquids. These injuries often occur due to pull-down actions (48%) or spills (32%).
  • Around 9% to 30% of burn injuries related to cooking happen to young children while removing hot food or liquids from microwave ovens. Studies indicate that 90% of 2-year-olds can operate microwaves, open their doors, and handle hot contents.
  • Burns in children under 5 years old disproportionately affect nonwhite minorities. Only 40% of children in this age group admitted to burn centers were white, despite "white, alone" individuals making up 76.6% of the U.S. population. Other factors associated with an increased risk of burn injuries in children include markers of lower socioeconomic status such as low income, young motherhood, large families, single parenthood, illiteracy, low parental education, and receiving government assistance.
  • The vast majority (85%) of scald burns occur at home, with the rate rising to 95% in children under 5 years old. Males account for 67% of all burn injury admissions, though historically, females have made up 41% of scald burns.
  • Between 2007 and 2017, the proportion of burn center admissions due to scald burns has increased annually, from 29.8% to 34.7%. Despite comprising 35% of overall burn injuries admitted to U.S. burn centers, scald burns are particularly prevalent in children under 5 years old, accounting for 61% of cases.
  • While the proportionate rate of scald burn injuries in older adults is comparable to other adults over 16 years old, the risk of complications and mortality increases. Scald burns in adults aged 60 years and older often lead to a loss of independence and the need for skilled care facility or in-home nursing care.

According to a 2018 study by the American Burn Association [2].

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