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Dell Sued for $1.4 Million Over Laptop Battery Fire

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A New Zealand couple has filed a lawsuit against Dell Inc. after their $2 million lodge was allegedly destroyed in a fire started by a defective laptop battery.

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What’s the Problem?

July 17, 2017 - According to the lawsuit, a defective lithium ion battery in a Dell laptop computer exploded in January 2014 after Plaintiffs Denise and Gordon McGregor had been watching a DVD of photographs.

The McGregors claim that the fire caused significant damage to the lodge's main building, and that firefighters were unable to save it. A subsequent investigation by a fire investigators confirmed the laptop battery exploded, according to the lawsuit.

Plaintiffs allege that Dell failed to ensure the laptop was free of any defect which could pose a risk to public safety and that the company knew the ion batteries were capable of overheating and catching fire.

Dell denies liability and has added Gray's Auctions Ltd -- which sold the laptop online to the McGregors -- as a 3rd party in the case. The company has also offered a number of defenses in support of dropping the suit.

However, Associate Judge Roger Bell has said there is sufficient cause for a lawsuit to proceed and has ordered discovery documents to be filed by Dell in order to defend the claim -- including about battery and laptop recalls -- before August 14.

The complaint was filed in the High Court at Auckland, New Zealand; the McGregors are seeking $1.4 million in damages against Dell.

Update: Dell Admits Battery Failure Caused Laptop Explosion

October 8, 2019 - A post written by the owner of a Dell XPS 15 who claims their laptop exploded as it charged overnight is trending on the r/Dell subreddit, according to LaptopMag. The Redditor claims to have plugged the laptop in before going to bed, then heard a fizzing sound and saw a "bright orange inferno" lighting up the bedroom.

"My house still smells like smoke, and I’m worried these fumes are toxic and cancerous," the Redditor said. "My lungs still feel funky. I had to move my pet out of the house and Into my neighbors the smell was so strong. I don’t even now [sic] if it’s safe still having that thing in my home!"

Dell investigated the incident and determined that the laptop explosion was caused by an internal failure within one of the lithium-ion battery cells. The company said it was not a systemic problem, and that all other XPS 15s are safe to use.

Do I Have a Dell Laptop Fire Lawsuit?

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