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Dram Shop Lawsuit

Dram Shop Lawsuit

Restaurants, bars, nightclubs and other establishments have a legal responsibility not to serve alcohol to patrons who are intoxicated. In order to hold these businesses accountable, many U.S. states have "dram shop" or "social host liability" statutes in place to...

Outdoor Dining Auto Accidents Lawsuit

Outdoor Dining Auto Accidents Lawsuit

People in cities across the U.S. have been injured when cars crashed into outdoor seating areas of restaurants used during the coronavirus pandemic.

Burning Building

TPC Chemical Plant Explosion Lawsuit

Two explosions at the TPC Group Plant in Port Neches, Texas, on Nov. 30, 2019, severely injured at least 3 people and ignited chemical fires that dumped cancer-causing toxins into the community. Contact our lawyers now if you or a...

PG&E Fire

PG&E Fire Lawsuit

Mounting evidence has shown that dozens of horribly destructive wildfires in recent years have been caused by PG&E’s failure to maintain electrical equipment, clear vegetation around power lines, and take protective measures in light of known weather forecasts, resulting in...


Scooter Injury Lawsuit

Our lawyers are filing lawsuits for both riders and pedestrians who suffered personal injuries and/or property damage as the result of an accident involving Lime or Bird Scooters.

surgical instruments on the table during surgery

Surgical Fire Lawsuit

To avoid the risk of catastrophic fires during medical surgeries, the U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) has issued a set of best practices for doctors and other healthcare professionals who may be present when such an event takes place.

Amtrak Train

Amtrak Accident Lawsuit

The National Railroad Passenger Corporation, doing business as Amtrak, has recently experienced a troubling number of derailments and accidents in its trains, which have been blamed on everything from outdated equipment, a decaying infrastructure, and conductor / personnel error.