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Health Canada Ends Zydelig Clinical Trials Following Deaths

Four clinical trials in Canada involving the cancer treatment medication Zydelig (generic: idelalisib) have been halted following international reports of “an increased rate of serious adverse events, including deaths,” according to a statement by Health Canada.

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What’s the Problem?

March 18, 2016 – In addition to canceling the 4 clinical trials involving Zydelig in combination with other cancer treatment drugs, Health Canada will amend another 3 trials by instituting protective measures to ensure patient safety.

Health Canada said it would also conduct a review of Zydelig. At least one patient death was associated with the drug in a clinical trial performed in Australia.

Health Canada approved Zydelig in April 2015 for the treatment of a rare blood cancer known as relapsed chronic lymphocytic leukemia, although the recently halted clinical studies were looking at “patients with different disease characteristics or using different drug combinations for what Zydelig is currently approved for in Canada.”

“The trial sponsor has communicated the new safety issues to Canadian trial site investigators,” Health Canada said. “Patients enrolled in clinical trials using Zydelig should speak with their physician.”

Do I Have a Zydelig Lawsuit?

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