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Zofran Cleft Palate Lawsuit Filed in Massachusetts

A lawsuit has been filed in Massachusetts following allegations made by a New York woman whose son was allegedly born with a cleft lip and cleft palate after she took Zofran during pregnancy.

A woman from New York whose son was allegedly born with a cleft lip and cleft palate after she took Zofran (generic: ondansetron) during pregnancy has filed a products liability lawsuit against GlaxoSmithKline (GSK).

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What’s the problem?

October 7, 2016 – According to the lawsuit, the woman was prescribed a generic version of Zofran for morning sickness during her first and second trimesters of pregnancy. Her son, referred to in court documents as “P.B.”, was born with “a cleft hard palate [and] unilateral right cleft lip.”

Cleft palate occurs when the roof of the mouth does not fuse together correctly in the womb, causing a split in the roof of the mouth that leaves a hole between the nose and mouth. This causes problems with feeding, hearing loss, dental problems and difficulties with speech. Cleft lip, a split in the upper lip on one or both sides of the center, is often seen accompanying cleft palate.

Zofran was promoted by GSK since its approval in 1991 as a medication that is not unsafe for pregnant women to take for morning sickness. However, many cases of birth defects have been reported in children born to mothers who took Zofran during pregnancy who had no family or genetic predisposition to cleft palate or cleft lip.

Several epidemiological studies have been conducted to determine whether Zofran had a causal link where ingestion during the first trimester increased the risk of a cleft palate, lip and other child birth defects. Research presented by the Centers For Disease Control and the Slone Epidemiology Center in 2012 found that taking Zofran during the first trimester of pregnancy doubled the risk of a child being born with a cleft palate.

Plaintiff is demanding in excess of $10 million in damages, claiming that she and her son have suffered “severe and permanent pain and suffering, mental anguish [and] medical expenses” as a result of her use of Zofran during pregnancy. The complaint was added to the Zofran multidistrict litigation (MDL) in the U.S. District Court of Massachusetts under case number 1:16-cv-11980-FDS.

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