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Woom Bike Helmet Lawsuit: Get the Right Lawyer

Woom Bikes USA is recalling about 2,000 children’s bicycle helmets that do not meet the federal safety standard, posing a risk of head injury.
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What’s the Problem?

According to the U.S. Consumer Products Safety Commission (CPSC) [1], this recall affects Woom Bikes USA children’s helmets sold in blue, green, purple, red and yellow and in size S (for small size). The word “Woom” is printed on both sides of the helmets, and the size “S” appears on the back of the helmet.

The recalled helmets were sold online and through BikeShopGirl in Colorado and The Family Bike Collective in California from December 2018 through July 2019 for about $70.

If you purchased a bicycle helmet that is affected by this recall, you should stop using it immediately and contact Woom Bikes USA for a refund.

This recall began on August 21, 2020.

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Wearing a Bicycle Helmet May Increase Injury Risk: Study

A 2019 study presented at the National Road Safety Conference in Telford, England, suggested that wearing a bicycle helmet may put cyclists more at risk of being injured in a road traffic collision than not wearing a helmet.

For the study, which was titled “Effects of Bicycle Helmet Wearing on Accident and Injury Rates,” former Cycling UK councillor Colin Clarke and author and journalist Chris Gillham analyzed overall changes in accident risk with increased helmet wearing.

They looked at data from Australia and New Zealand, both of which have nationwide mandatory helmet laws, the U.S. and Canada, where helmet usage is widespread but laws vary by jurisdiction, and the UK, where there is no legal requirement to wear one.

“A significant number of findings suggest a higher accident/injury rate may result from helmet usage and there is strong evidence that helmeted cyclists suffer a higher rate of upper body limb injuries than non-wearers, suggesting a higher rate of falls than non-wearers,” the researchers found.

Clarke and Gillham theorized that the perceived reduction in casualties of cyclists brought about by making helmet use mandatory is outweighed by the fact that such laws deter people from cycling, and therefore do not aid efforts to tackle more widespread issues such as obesity which exercise can help address.

In conclusion, Clarke and Gillham said: “The possible reasons for increased risk of injury per cyclist, particularly upper extremities, appear to be due to increased falls.”

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