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What Causes Hemolytic Uremic Syndrome?

Scientists believe that in HUS, an abnormal inflammation reaction is stimulated in the blood stream causing platelets to sludge in small blood vessels and form blood clots where they are not supposed to

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What’s the problem?

While the cause of HUS has not been specifically determined, researchers believe the triggering events for hemolytic uremic syndrome are varied and include:

  • E. Coli – is a very common type of bacteria found in the body, but it is only the OH157:H7 type that causes the problem. It can be found in undercooked meat and other foods. This type of E. coli is one of the main causes of food recalls and restaurant-related food poisoning outbreaks. This accounts for almost 90% of HUS in children.
  • Pneumonia – caused by streptococcus pneumoniae bacteria is another possible precipitating factor. HUS is an unusual complication of this common infection.
  • Pregnancy and early postpartum time period after the use of birth control bills are also commonly associated with HUS.
  • Medications including chemotherapy, immunosuppression drugs, ticlopidine, and quinine may also be associated with HUS.
  • AIDS has also been associated with HUS.

Do I have a Hemolytic Uremic Syndrome Lawsuit?

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