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Walmart Coronavirus Lawsuit

The brother of a former Walmart employee who died from Coronavirus (COVID-19) has filed a lawsuit alleging that the company failed to notify workers after several employees began showing symptoms.

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Deadly Walmart Coronavirus Outbreak Discovered by Contact Tracing

The public health department in Quincy, Massachusetts, began using ‘contact tracing’ to monitor a local Walmart that shut down after 1 worker died and several others tested positive for COVID-19, according to CBS Boston. Quincy Health Commissioner Ruth Jones explained the situation to the city council during an online meeting. “They went into Walmart and then were not feeling well shortly after that,” Jones said.

There have been at least 11 confirmed coronavirus cases at the Falls Boulevard Walmart, which is the third Boston-area Walmart to temporarily close due to the pandemic.

23 Walmart Employees in Massachusetts Test Positive for Coronavirus

A Walmart in Worcester, Massachusetts, has been shut down by emergency order after a coronavirus outbreak infected at least 23 employees, according to NBC Boston. “The Walmart is now closed and it will not be allowed to reopen until it is professionally cleaned,” said Worcester City Manager Edward Augustus. All of the store’s 400 employees will need to be tested, or retested, before the store can open again.

Colorado Walmart to Re-Open After Coronavirus Deaths

A Walmart in Aurora, Colorado, that was linked to at least 11 cases of COVID-19, including 3 deaths, has been allowed to re-open, according to FOX News. The store had been issued an “Order to Close” after the Tri-County Health Department (TCHD) confirmed the deaths of an employee, 72, a third-party contractor, 69, and an employee’s family member, 63. Walmart has also received numerous complaints from shoppers regarding the lack of social distancing, too many people in the store at one time, and employees not wearing masks or face coverings.

Walmart Sued by Family of Worker Killed by Coronavirus

Toney Evans filed the lawsuit against Walmart Inc. in a Cook County Circuit Court in Chicago, Illinois, according to NBC News.
Plaintiff brought the suit on behalf of his brother, 51-year-old Wando Evans, a former overnight stock and maintenance associate at the Walmart store in Evergreen Park, Illinois, who first began experiencing symptoms of Coronavirus in mid-March.

Evans notified the Walmart manager about his symptoms “but was ignored,” according to the lawsuit. On March 23, Evans was finally sent home from work. Two days later he was found dead in his home, the complaint states.

The lawsuit alleges damages against Walmart including willful and wanton misconduct, reckless disregard and gross negligence.

Walmart “had a duty to exercise reasonable care in keeping the store in a safe and healthy environment and, in particular, to protect employees, customers and other individuals within the store from contracting COVID-19 when it knew or should have known that individuals at the store were at a very high risk of infection and exposure,” the complaint states.

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If you or a loved one is a Walmart employee who was exposed to Coronavirus at work, you should contact our law firm immediately. You may be entitled to a settlement by filing a suit and we can help.

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