Victoza Thyroid Cancer Treatments & Drugs

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For Victoza users suffering from thyroid cancer, treatments are typically staged to be as effective as possible. In the vast majority of cases, treatment includes surgery, although the type of surgery depends on the patient’s age and tumor size. Some small thyroid cancer tumors can only be cured through surgical intervention.

What Treatments and Drugs are Used to Fight Victoza Thyroid Cancer?

Victoza thyroid cancer treatments and drugs may include:

  • Surgery – Two types of surgery may be performed on individuals suffering from thyroid cancer. They include: Partial thyroidectomy (lobectomy), which involves removal of the part of the thyroid gland that has the tumor; and total thyroidectomy, which is the complete removal of the thyroid gland.
  • Radioactive iodine therapy – Used to destroy cancerous thyroid tissue that was not extracted during surgery. Radioactive iodine enters the bloodstream, where it travels to the thyroid gland and eliminates any remaining thyroid tissue and cancer cells. Thyroid cells absorb iodine, so the radioactive iodine does not affect any other cells in the body.
  • Radiation (External-Beam) Therapy – Most commonly used non-surgical method of treatment for thyroid cancer. The purpose of radiation therapy is to eliminate cancer cells, decrease the size of the tumor, and relieve symptoms using high-energy external beams.
  • Chemotherapy – Uses a chemical cocktail to eliminate cancer cells. Unfortunately, chemotherapy kills normal cells as well as cancerous cells. Chemo is a systemic treatment, meaning that the drug(s) are administered by pill orally or injected into a vein, and circulate throughout the patient’s entire body. In some cases, chemotherapy is used in combination with external-beam radiation therapy.
  • Whole body thyroid scan – Depending on the stage and location of the disease, a whole body thyroid scan may be ordered to assist in measuring therapy progress. Whole body thyroid scans are able to determine whether the cancer has migrated to other parts of the patient’s body.
  • Complementary and alternative treatments – A number of non-traditional, alternative therapies can work wonders in making the patient feel better and have a more positive outlook. Many patients have found musical or artistic self-expression of great use in combatting the symptoms of thyroid cancer. Visualization, imagery, and mind-body exercises such as those offered by Tai Chi or yoga can be amazingly effective.

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