Victoza Thyroid Cancer Tests & Diagnosis

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A diagnosis of Victoza thyroid cancer typically involves a number of tests and diagnostic procedures. The best way to successfully identify the disease is to catch it in its early stages by watching for its characteristic signs and symptoms. This is often difficult to accomplish, seeing as Victoza thyroid cancer rarely presents any recognizable symptoms in its early stages.

What tests are used to diagnose Victoza thyroid cancer?

Victoza thyroid cancer tests and diagnosis procedures may include:

  • Physical exam – In most cases where thyroid cancer is suspected, the doctor will first perform a thorough physical examination. This test may include palpation of the patient’s thyroid gland to feel for lumps or masses, as well as to look at the gland’s size and firmness. The doctor will also inspect the patient’s neck to look for any enlarged lymph nodes.
  • Biopsy – A biopsy may be performed on suspicious thyroid nodules to look for cancer. This is typically performed with a needle in a procedure called fine needle aspiration (FNA). Some patients will have to undergo a surgical biopsy, where the nodule, or the thyroid gland itself, is taken out.
  • Imaging tests – A number of imaging scans may be implemented to look at thyroid nodules for cancer. These include nuclear scans, computed tomography (CT or ‘cat’) scans, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), or thyroid ultrasounds.
  • Blood tests – Although they are unable to diagnose thyroid cancer, blood tests may be used to analyze the thyroid’s activity and to test for hypothyroidism or hyperthyroidism. When medullary thyroid cancer is suspected, doctors may test for elevated levels of calcium, as this can be a sign of the disease. Genetic testing may also be ordered to identify the gene linked to medullary thyroid cancer.

Click here to learn more about Victoza thyroid cancer tests and diagnosis from the American Cancer Society.

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