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America has emerged in recent decades as one of the world’s largest oil producers. A significant percentage of U.S. oil production occurs in Utah, and thousands of Utahans earn their living in the state’s oil fields and natural gas facilities. Unfortunately, working conditions in the oil and gas industries can be extremely dangerous, and many employees are injured on the job every year.
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Have you or a loved one suffered severe injuries in an oil field accident in Utah? If so, you should contact our oil rig injury lawyers immediately for a free consultation. You may be entitled to seek compensation for lost wages by filing a personal injury lawsuit against oil and gas companies and an oil field injury lawyer can help you recover compensation.

The legal team of oilfield injury lawyers at Schmidt & Clark, LLP is dedicated to protecting the rights of injured oil rig workers and is one of the only firms with knowledge of maritime law willing to pursue justice in these practice areas in Utah and throughout the entire United States.

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Oil Production in Utah

Utah’s diverse geology includes a variety of rich petroleum resources. At least 3 oil-producing provinces exist in Utah including the Thrust Belt, Paradox Basin, and Uinta Basin. Within these provinces, the state produces crude from 8 major “plays,” which are oil accumulations sharing geologic, geographic, and temporal properties such as hydrocarbon-generating source rocks, oil migration pathways, trapping mechanisms, and hydrocarbon types.

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How Much Oil Production Does Utah Have?

Despite predictions that oil production is headed for a decline, recent advances in technology like horizontal drilling and fracking have expanded production over the past several years. Data from the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) indicates that out of all American states with at least 1 million barrels, Utah has the 12th most crude oil proved reserves. As of March 2022, Utah had at least 275 million barrels of crude oil proved reserves and 5 operating refineries.

Utah Oil Sands

The vast majority of U.S. oil sands are located in Eastern Utah. Oil sands are large deposits of loose sand or partially consolidated sandstone containing petroleum and other hydrocarbons. Experts have estimated that the Utah oil sands can generate up to 20 billion barrels of crude from several prominent sites.

Utah Energy Profile Facts

  • Utah accounts for 15 of every 100 barrels of crude oil produced in the Rocky Mountain region, which also includes Colorado, Wyoming, South Dakota, Nebraska, and Kansas.
  • Utah’s 5 oil refineries can process more than 200,000 barrels of oil per day.
  • In 2022, more than half of Utah’s net electricity generation came from coal-fired power plants, down from three-quarters in 2015. Over the same 7-year period, natural gas-fired generation increased from 20% to 26% and utility-scale solar power grew from 0.1% to 9% of Utah’s electrical generation.
  • Utah ranks 4th in the number of producing oil and natural gas leases on federal lands, after Wyoming, New Mexico, and Colorado.
  • Utah has America’s only uranium ore mill, which processes uranium ore and other radioactive wastes from other states; however, there has been no active uranium mine production in Utah for at least a decade.
  • Nearly 90% of Utah households use natural gas as their primary heating fuel, the highest share of natural gas home heating use in the United States.

One Killed, Two Injured in Utah Oil Field Fire

An oil field worker was killed and 2 others injured in May 2013 in a fire near a production well in Utah owned by the Newfield Exploration Company, according to Reuters [1.]. The blaze ignited in an equipment shed near the well in Utah’s Uintah County while 2 contract workers and 1 Newfield employee were conducting routine maintenance. The Uintah County Sheriff identified the person who died as 28-year-old Tyson Boren of Neola, Utah.

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Fatal Work Injuries Increased in 2021

The number of occupational fatalities in Utah increased from 48 in 2020 to 52 in 2021. The overall fatal injury rate for every 100,000 workers in the state was 3.4 in 2020 and remained the same in 2021. The overall national fatal injury rate for 2021 in the United States was 3.6, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

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