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It’s a little known fact, but there are literally thousands of potentially deadly unsecured soccer goals on fields throughout our nation. Movable soccer goals can easily tip and fall, causing horrific injuries and even death to unsuspecting players below. With fall soccer season underway, it is our mission at Schmidt & Clark, LLP, to make parents around the country aware of the dangers presented by unsecured soccer goals.

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What’s the problem?

The Make Soccer Safe campaign is a movement headed by the non-profit organization Anchored for Safety that is designed to educate the public about the dangers of unsecured moveable soccer goals. Anchored for Safety was founded by the family of six-year-old Zachary Tran, who was killed in 2003 when a goal fell on his head. At the time of the accident, Zachary’s parents had no idea the goals were dangerous.

Tran’s death prompted the passage of ‘Zach’s Law,’ Illinois’ Moveable Soccer Goal Safety Act, which was enacted last August. Yet despite the law, deadly goals remain on thousands of fields throughout the country.

“Eight years ago, the worst nightmare of every parent happened to us when we lost our son, Zack, from an unanchored soccer goal tipping over,” Michelle and Jayson Tran said. “It has been our mission since then to make people aware of this potential danger in our parks and on our school yards,” the couple added.

The Tran family was awarded a $3 million settlement in their lawsuit against the park district, soccer associations and goal maker. The family used the award to help get Zach’s Law passed.

In March 2008, a similar lawsuit was filed in the Circuit Court of Prince William County, Virginia on behalf of Hayden Ellias, a 10-year-old boy who died when an unsecured soccer goal fell over and killed him. According to court records, Hayden attended soccer practice at Millbrook High School in Fredrick County, Virginia, on a field with two moveable soccer goals. During a scrimmage, Hayden, who was playing goalie, was struck on the head and neck when the unsecured soccer goal tipped over, killing him instantly.

The lawsuit, which was filed against the manufacturers and installers of the goal, as well as against five different soccer associations, alleges that each defendant knew or should have known about the dangers and hazards of moveable soccer goals and failed to protect Hayden from those dangers. Prior to the boy’s death, there were at least 84 other similar incidents involving unsecured soccer goal injuries.

The problems with unsecured goals are well known throughout the soccer industry, and far too many incidents involving these hazardous products occur each year. The moveable goals that killed Zachary Tran, Hayden Ellias, and numerous other unsuspecting victims are extremely top heavy and are easily tipped forward. The only feature designed to keep moveable goals from tipping forward are ground anchors, which all too often are not attached to the goals and not reinstalled after the goals are moved.

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Soccer Goal Safety Tips

  • never climb on the net or the goal framework
  • securely anchor or counter-weight movable goals at all times
  • remove nets when goals are not in use
  • anchor or chain goals facing a nearby fencepost
  • check all connecting hardware before every use
  • replace damaged or missing fasteners immediately
  • ensure safety labels are clearly visible
  • fully disassemble goals for seasonal storage
  • always use extreme caution when moving goals
  • never allow goals to be moved solely by players
  • always instruct players on the safe handling and potential dangers associated with movable soccer goals
  • use moveable soccer goals only on level playing fields.

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