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Eco-Med Pharmaceutical Inc. is recalling ultrasound gel and lotion marketed by dozens of distributors under different names after the company received at least 66 reports of severe bacterial infections associated with the products.
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Per the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, this recall impacts [1]:

Product Name Distributors
Action de Gala FuSion Conductive Gel Aesthetics Systems (United States)
Athena Liaison Ultrasound Gel Mac Medical Supply Co Inc. (United States)
Conductor Transmission Gel Chattanooga Medical Supply (United States)
Conductor Australia DJO Australia (Australia)
DJO Conductor DJO Global (United States)
EcoGel 100 Amtec Sales, Inc. (dba Print Media) (United States)
Eco-Med Pharmaceutical (Canada)
Cardinal Health (Canada)
Fujifilm Sonosite, Inc. (United States)
Maranda Lauzon Inc (Canada)
Medline Canada (Canada)
NDC Inc. (United States)
STAT Healthcare Corporation (Canada)
The Stevens Company Limited (Canada)
EcoGel 200 Accelerated Care Plus (United States)
Active Crystal Inc (Canada)
Agencia Matamoros (Honduras)
Amesys S.A. (Honduras)
Amtec Sales, Inc. (dba Print Media) (United States)
Anamed Corp. (United States)
Best Medical Supply (United States)
BP Medical (Dominican Republic)
Cardinal Health (Canada)
Cardinal Health, Inc. (United States)
Choice Medical Systems, Inc. (United States)
Christie Innomed Inc. (Canada)
Clinomed, Inc. (United States)
CMCC Supply Centre and Bookstore (Canada)
Dada Dada & CIA (El Salvador)
Dectro International (Canada)
Dental & Medical Distributor (United States)
DHG Specialties (United States)
Dimesan USA (United States)
Dolphin Med-Equipment & Supply (United States)
Droredime (Honduras)
Dunbar Medical (Canada)
Dynamic Medical Supplies, Inc. (United States)
Eastern Medical Supply Ltd (Canada)
Eco-Med Pharmaceutical (Canada)
Equimedic S.A. de C.V. (El Salvador)
Eshus Merin, Inc (United States)
Euro Essential Ltd. (Canada)
Fernanada’s Beauty Products  (Canada)
Gadelius Medical (Japan)
Global Medical Solution (NZ) LTD (New Zealand)
Good-link Electronics Ltd. (Hong Kong)
Grobartig Solution, LLC. (United States)
Health & Global Enterprises (United States)
Healthy You (United States)
Henry Schein Arcona (Canada)
Innovaciones Medicas (Guatemala)
Intrasound Products, LLC (United States)
Inversiones C.A. (Honduras)
Luizapata Corp. (United States)
Lumenis Ltd (Israel)
Maranda Lauzon Inc (Canada)
Medical Depot, S.A. (Panama)
Medical Services, LLC. (United States)
Medical Specialists Co., Inc. (United States)
Medis Part Ltd. (Thailand)
Medline Canada (Canada)
Medplus Supply S.A. (Panama)
MJM Distributing (Canada)
Multiservicios Electromedicos, S.A. (Costa Rica)
NDC Inc. (United States)
North Coast Medical (United States)
Nova Skin, Inc. (United States)
Ortho Canada (Canada)
Owens & Minor Distribution, Inc. (United States)
Paramedicos del El Salvador (El Salvador)
PTmart, Inc. (United States)
Quantum Products, Inc. (United States)
RAF, S.A. DE C.V. (El Salvador)
Reserma, SA (Panama)
So medico SDN BHD (Malaysia)
Spavaro Inc. (Canada)
STAT Healthcare Corporation (Canada)
The Stevens Company Limited (Canada)
Trimedic Supply Network Ltd. (Canada)
Vitality Depot (Canada)
Westside Surgical Corporation (United States)
EcoGel 300 Eco-Med Pharmaceutical (Canada)
MJM Distributing (Canada)
Vitality Depot (Canada)
EcoLotion Amtec Sales, Inc. (dba Print Media) (United States)
Clinomed, Inc. (United States)
Eco-Med Pharmaceutical (Canada)
Eshus Merin, Inc (United States)
Grobartig Solution, LLC. (United States)
Healthy You (United States)
Medical Services, LLC. (United States)
Medical Specialists Co., Inc. (United States)
NDC Inc. (United States)
North Coast Medical (United States)
PTmart, Inc. (United States)
Quantum Products, Inc. (United States)
The Stevens Company Limited (Canada)
Vitality Depot (Canada)
Intelect DJO Global (United States)
Liquasonic Athena Medical Products Inc. (United States)
Cardinal Health Inc. (United States)
Concordance Healthcare Solutions (United States)
Henry Shein Inc. (United States)
Mckesson Medical Surgical Inc. (United States)
Medline Industries, Inc. (United States)
MAC Brand EcoGel Mac Medical Supply Co Inc. (United States)
Medelco Medelco Inc. (Canada)
MediChoice Ultrasound Gel External Link Disclaimer (2) Mac Medical Supply Co Inc. (United States)
North Coast Medical (United States)
Owens & Minor (United States)
Medline Ultrasound Gel Medline Industries Inc. (United States)
Myossage DJO Global (United States)
North Coast Medical (United States)
Norco Ultrasound Gel
North Coast Ultrasound Gel
North Coast Medical (United States)
Omnisound Ultrasound Gel Accelerated Care Plus (United States)
Pro Advantage Ultrasound Gel NDC Inc. (United States)
Red Medical Ultrasound Gel Red Medical Supplies Ltd. (Canada)
Scrip Crème All Purpose Lotion Scrip Hessco (United States)
Scrip Ultrasound Gel Scrip Hessco (United States)
Smart (EcoGel 200 Ultrasound Gel) Smart Technology and Product Co., Ltd (Thailand)
Ultra-Myossage DJO Global (United States)

“All ultrasound gels and lotions manufactured by Eco-Med are being recalled due to risk of bacterial contamination with Burkholderia cepacia complex (Bcc),” FDA said. “The use of affected ultrasound gels and lotions contaminated with Bcc may lead to serious infections, including bloodstream infections, which may result in sepsis or death. As of Aug. 31, 2021, there have been at least 66 infections, including 60 bloodstream infections associated with these affected products, per the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).”

Eco-Med ultrasound gels and lotions are used during an ultrasound test to create images of organs and structures inside the body. Ultrasound gel is a clear, water-based gel that is applied to the skin on the area to be examined. The gel helps with the transmission of sound waves.

Healthcare providers and facilities have been advised to immediately stop using and discard all ultrasound gel and lotion products manufactured by Eco-Med. The company has shut down all operations and is no longer manufacturing or distributing any products.

If you are concerned about a potential B. cepacia infection from recalled ultrasound gels or lotions, you should contact your healthcare provider immediately.

This Class I FDA Recall began on August 4, 2021. Class I recalls are the most serious type of recall. Use of the recalled products may cause serious injuries or death.

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