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Consumer Alert: more walnuts recalled nationwide because of possible health risk

December 10, 2010 -The FDA announced today that Tropical Nut & Fruit of Charlotte, NC, is recalling all its products containing walnuts supplied by Atlas Walnuts, LLC after November 16, 2010 because they have the potential to contain Salmonella. The recalled products are sold in retail stores nationwide, distributed to manufacturers, and distributors.

What are the signs & symptoms of Salmonella poisoning?

Symptoms typically show up 12 to 72 hours after infection, last 4 to 7 days, and most persons recover without treatment. The most common symptoms are diarrhea, fever, & abdominal cramps. In severe cases, the Salmonella infection may spread from the intestines through the blood stream to other body sites, which can cause death unless the victim is treated promptly with antibiotics.

Want to learn more?

For more detailed information about this recall including product names, item numbers, and UPC codes, please visit the official FDA press release.

Do I have a Salmonella Poisoning Lawsuit?

The Food Poisoning Litigation Group at our law firm is an experienced team of trial lawyers that focus on the representation of plaintiffs in contaminated food recall lawsuits. We are handling individual litigation nationwide and currently accepting new cases in all 50 states.

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