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Trench Collapse Injury Accident Lawsuit

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Every year, thousands of miles of trenches are dug in the United States. Trenches are used to install utilities, bury cable, and to pour foundations. When done improperly, excavation and trenching exposes employees to an extreme degree of unnecessary risk, including serious traumatic injury and wrongful death.

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What’s the problem?

A trench is a confined space utilized in construction projects. Unfortunately, trench collapses occur more often than many know. In fact, trench collapses are responsible for the deaths of approximately 30 construction workers each year and have been responsible for some of the nation’s deadliest construction incidents. Considering that soil weighs between 2,000 to 3,000 pounds per cubic yard, it’s no wonder why these incidents often result in serious injury and/or death. What’s worse, many of the deaths caused by trench collapses occur when other workers climb in in attempt to save other workers.

Trench collapses, cave-ins, and side wall collapses are perhaps the most feared hazards in the trenching and excavating industry. But other potentially fatal excavation dangers exist, including asphyxiation due to lack of oxygen in a confined space, inhalation of toxic fumes, suffocation from the crushing weight of soil on the buried worker, falls, and drowning. Electrocution or explosions can also occur when workers contact underground utilities.

Your employer owes their employees a duty to keep the workplace reasonably safe. This includes ensuring that all applicable OSHA rules and regulations are being followed, and ensuring that you are properly trained and equipped to perform your job duties. If you or a loved one has been involved in a trench or excavation accident, contact the personal injury lawyers at Schmidt & Clark, LLP today.

Here’s how to assess whether you can file a wrongful-death lawsuit and how to do it.

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