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Topamax Birth Defects

The U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) has strengthened the warning of anticonvulsant drug Topamax after finding direct evidence of birth defects. New data suggest a high risk for cleft lip, cleft palate and cranial malformations in babies born to women taking the drug. Our law firm is handling individual litigation nationwide and currently accepting new Topamax birth defects cases in all 50 states.

Topamax Birth Defects Update 7/19/12: A recently-published study, based on more than a decade’s worth of data, has confirmed prior research which identified a strong link between Ortho-McNeil’s controversial anti-convulsant Topamax (generic: topiramate) and oral cleft birth defects. This risk is greatest when expecting mothers take Topamax during their first trimester of pregnancy, a time when many women may still be unaware they are pregnant. Click here to learn more.

Free Topamax Birth Defects Case Evaluation: If you or a loved one has given birth to a child with a congenital birth defect after taking Topamax, you should contact our law firm immediately. You may be entitled to compensation by filing a lawsuit and we can help.

What’s the problem?

Breaking News: the U.S. Food & Drug Administration has placed the anticonvulsant drug Topamax (topiramate) in Pregnancy Category D as a result of new data illustrating an increased risk of the development of cleft lip and/or cleft palate (oral clefts) in infants born to women treated with Topamax during the first trimester of pregnancy. The data showed a Pregnancy Category D, which means that there is positive evidence of fetal risk based upon human data.

A 2008 study published in the journal Neurology found that children born to mothers who took Topamax while pregnant were at risk of being born with cleft palate and other congenital birth defects. Topamax is an anticonvulsant medication manufactured and marketed by Ortho-McNeil Neurologics approved to treat epilepsy as well as migraine headaches. It is also commonly used off-label to treat bipolar disorder.

Cleft lip (cheiloschisis) and cleft palate (palatoschisis) are variations of a type of congenital deformity caused by abnormal facial development during gestation. A cleft is a fissure or opening that represents the non-fusion of the body’s natural structures that form before birth. Cleft lip has also been referred to as harelip. Luckily, cleft birth defects can be successfully treated with surgery if conducted soon after birth or in early childhood.

Do I have a Topamax Lawsuit?

The Product Liability & Defective Drug Litigation Group at our law firm is an experienced team of trial lawyers that focus on the representation of plaintiffs in Topamax lawsuits. We are handling individual litigation nationwide and currently accepting new cleft lip & cleft palate cases in all 50 states.

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