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Thermo Tent U.S.A. Inc., is recalling certain Crua Tri, Crua Loj, and Crua Cottage tents in the Mór Series which are incorrectly labeled as being fire retardant (FR), posing a fire hazard.
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What’s the Problem?

According to the U.S. Consumer Products Safety Commission (CPSC) [1], this recall affects the following Thermo Tents:

  • Mór Series Crua Tri (SKU: TRI-01, EAN: 0602815520812)
  • Mór Series Crua Loj (SKU: LOJ-01, EAN: 0602815520805)
  • Mór Series Crua Cottage (SKU: COTTAGE-01, EAN: 0669014590473)

The SKU, EAN, and name of the tent are located on the box of the tent, CPSC said. The tents are green with “Crua Outdoors” printed on the outside.

The recalled tents were sold online from March 2019 through August 2020 for about $900 (Crua Tri), $3,000 (Crua Loj), and $2,000 (Crua Cottage).

If you purchased a tent that is affected by this recall, you should stop using it near any flame or other source of ignition.

“The firm will send the purchasers a new free label stating that the tent is not fire retardant (FR),” CPSC said. “Once consumers receive the new label, they should remove the incorrect original label, replace it with the new label, and keep the tents away from any flame or other source of ignition.”

This recall began on December 10, 2020.

How to Insulate Your Tent for Winter

With the right gear, you can enjoy camping all year round. If you’re planning on a winter camping trip this season, here are a few tips for insulating your tent to help you stay warmer during the winter.

1. Smaller is Warmer – When it comes to cooler weather camping, you want less space to heat so that nothing is wasted. The aim is to be as thermally efficient as possible so you’re not heating extra space.

2. Floor Insulation – Insulating the floor of your tent is a key step in ensuring you stay warm and comfortable. Foam padding, sleeping mats, and thermal blankets can all help to keep the warmth inside your tent. The aim is to maintain a buffer between you and cold air.

3. Wind Breaks – To help prevent cool air from hitting the bottom of your tent, set up a windbreak around the sides of the tent to create a buffer between you and the cold.

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