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Tepezza, a medication used to treat thyroid eye disease, has been at the center of numerous Tepezza lawsuits in Pennsylvania. These lawsuits allege that the drug has caused permanent hearing loss and tinnitus in Tepezza users who were not adequately warned of the potential risks.

Should you or someone you care about have experienced hearing loss issues due to Tepezza, the committed professionals at Schmidt & Clark, LLP are ready to assist you in filing Tepezza lawsuits. As a nationally renowned law firm with a specialization in plaintiffs’ cases, our foremost goal is to secure the justice and compensation you rightfully merit.

Pennsylvania Tepezza Lawsuits

The Tepezza hearing loss lawsuit centers on the drug’s alleged side effects. The plaintiffs claim that Horizon Therapeutics, the manufacturer of Tepezza, failed to adequately warn users, regulators, and the medical community about the risk of permanent hearing loss and tinnitus.

The plaintiffs argue that if proper warnings had been given, the permanent hearing damage could have been prevented.

These lawsuits involve individuals who experienced Tepezza-related hearing loss after being prescribed Tepezza to treat thyroid eye disease (TED). Research conducted before and after the market launch of the drug revealed a clear connection between Tepezza and hearing impairment.

With the escalating number of Tepezza hearing loss lawsuits, they’ve been integrated into multidistrict litigation (MDL) for a smoother legal process. This approach facilitates the efficient management of multiple cases that share similar factual questions.

Plaintiffs’ Claims and Horizon’s Defense

The plaintiffs in the Pennsylvania Tepezza lawsuits claim that Horizon did not provide sufficient warning about the risk of significant hearing loss. They allege that the company’s warning severely underestimated the risk of persistent subjective hearing loss and misled people by presenting the Tepezza hearing problems recorded in its clinical trials as temporary or limited in scope.

In response, Horizon Therapeutics denies these allegations and is defending itself against the lawsuits. The company maintains that Tepezza is safe for its intended use and should not be held accountable for any hearing loss issues. However, it is worth noting that Horizon did not upgrade the drug’s safety label to warn of the risk of hearing damage.

Recent Developments in Tepezza Hearing Loss Lawsuits

These lawsuits concerning Tepezza-induced hearing loss have been merged into an MDL in the Northern District of Illinois under the supervision of Judge Thomas M. Durkin. This amalgamation promotes a swifter resolution of multiple cases sharing identical factual inquiries.

Another significant development in these lawsuits is the update to Tepezza’s warning labels by the FDA in July 2023. This update highlights the potential risk of permanent hearing loss associated with the drug, further supporting the plaintiffs’ claims that adequate warnings were not given.

What Is Tepezza?

Tepezza is an FDA-approved medication used to treat thyroid eye disease (TED), a condition caused by hyperthyroidism and Grave’s disease. The drug is administered intravenously (IV) for three to six months, with its main ingredient being teprotumumab-tube [1].

Though Tepezza has revolutionized treatment for many patients with TED, it’s also associated with severe side effects, including hearing loss and tinnitus. These adverse reactions have triggered a slew of lawsuits against Horizon Therapeutics, the drug’s manufacturer.

Tepezza Side Effects & Hearing Loss

Many patients who have undergone Tepezza infusions have reported experiencing hearing loss and tinnitus as side effects.

The FDA’s update to Tepezza’s warning labels in July 2023 highlights the potential risk of permanent hearing loss associated with the drug, further supporting the plaintiffs’ claims in the ongoing lawsuits.

This development underscores the importance of understanding the potential side effects of medications and seeking appropriate medical advice.

Does Tepezza Cause Hearing Problems?

Tepezza does cause hearing problems. Studies and case reports suggest a link between Tepezza and hearing loss or tinnitus.

Clinical trials conducted before receiving FDA approval revealed that 10% of patients reported hearing impairments. However, a more recent study conducted by the Endocrine Society, suggests that the prevalence of hearing impairment may reach as high as 65% [2].

The most common adverse events reported with teprotumumab included muscle spasms (25%), nausea (17%), alopecia (13%), diarrhea (13%), fatigue (10%), hearing impairment (10%), and hyperglycemia (8%). – American Academy of Opthalmology

A report published in the Annals of Otology, Rhinology, and Laryngology documented a case of a 61-year-old female with Grave’s disease. This patient underwent Tepezza treatments and suffered major hearing loss as a result.

Despite these findings, the manufacturer continues to defend the safety of Tepezza. However, the growing number of lawsuits and the FDA’s updated warning labels highlight the importance of being vigilant when taking any medication and discussing potential side effects with healthcare professionals.

Potential Settlements and Compensation in Pennsylvania Tepezza Lawsuits

While it is still early in the legal process, potential settlement amounts for Tepezza lawsuits may vary depending on the severity of hearing loss and other factors. Some estimates range from $140,000 to $350,000 or more.

For those pondering filing a Tepezza lawsuit, consulting a lawyer is advisable as they can assist in navigating the intricate legal process and augment potential compensation. Having legal representation is crucial to safeguard the rights of affected individuals and to secure the rightful financial compensation.

Who Qualifies to File a Pennsylvania Tepezza Lawsuit?

Individuals who have experienced hearing loss or tinnitus after receiving Tepezza infusions qualify to file a Pennsylvania Tepezza lawsuit. Anyone who has had more than one Tepezza infusion and was diagnosed with hearing loss or ringing in the ears may be eligible to join the lawsuit.

Due to the complexities in determining eligibility for filing a lawsuit, it’s advisable to consult with a Tepezza attorney who can provide explicit answers and guide you throughout the legal process. Such a lawyer can guard your legal rights and provide a free consultation to assess your eligibility for financial compensation from a Tepezza lawsuit settlement.

Filing a Pennsylvania Tepezza Hearing Loss Lawsuit

For those contemplating a Tepezza lawsuit, obtaining legal representation is strongly recommended. Proficient Tepezza lawyers can guide you through the intricate legal process, manage all legal aspects for you, and ensure you receive the rightful financial compensation.

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