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Tepezza, a prescription medication used to treat thyroid eye disease, has been at the center of numerous lawsuits filed against Horizon Therapeutics. Patients claim the drug caused permanent hearing loss and tinnitus and that the manufacturer failed to warn them about these potential side effects.

Horizon Therapeutics has firmly denied the allegations and maintains that Tepezza is safe and effective for thyroid eye disease treatment. However, legal battles continue to unfold as more patients come forward with claims of hearing damage. In this article, we will examine the specifics of these lawsuits, including the patients’ claims, Horizon’s defense, and potential outcomes for those filing the New Jersey Tepezza lawsuit.

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New Jersey Tepezza Lawsuits

The Northern District of Illinois District Court has seen the filing of two Tepezza hearing loss lawsuits in recent times, with plaintiffs alleging that Horizon failed to warn them about the risk of hearing loss and tinnitus associated with the drug.

The legal process known as multidistrict litigation (MDL) allows multiple people to file a lawsuit against the same defendant in cases where temporary hearing loss and other side effects are experienced after using Tepezza.

Those who have experienced hearing-related side effects from the drug are eligible to file a New Jersey Tepezza lawsuit. If you’re looking for more information on filing a Tepezza hearing loss lawsuit, reaching out to a law firm for a free consultation is highly recommended.

Plaintiffs’ Claims and Horizon’s Defense

The crux of the plaintiffs’ claims in the Tepezza hearing loss lawsuits revolves around the allegation that Horizon failed to provide sufficient warnings about the potential for hearing loss and tinnitus as side effects of the drug.

This comes despite Horizon’s acknowledgment that 10% of Tepezza users may experience hearing loss or damage, usually temporary and of limited duration.

In July 2023, the FDA gave an update on Tepezza, including its FDA approval status. Its warning labels now include information about the risk of permanent hearing impairment or loss. Horizon’s defense in these lawsuits hinges on the contention that federal law, which regulates Tepezza’s warning labels, supersedes state law tort claims.

What Is Tepezza?

Tepezza is a biological drug part of insulin-like growth factor-1 receptor inhibitors (IGF-1R). It is used as a prescription medication to treat thyroid eye disease, a condition that can cause various vision problems. The active drug in Tepezza is teprotumumab [1].

Thyroid eye disease (TED) is an autoimmune condition that worsens over time, with immune cells attacking the thyroid gland and the tissues around the eyes, causing inflammation and swelling.

It predominantly affects women and often occurs alongside hyperthyroidism or Graves’ disease. Tepezza is administered through a series of infusions over several months via an IV infusion.

Tepezza is manufactured by Horizon Pharmaceuticals, Inc., a company now facing legal challenges due to allegations of hearing damage caused by the drug.

Tepezza Side Effects & Hearing Loss

Despite its benefits for many thyroid eye disease patients, Tepezza has been associated with hearing loss and tinnitus in certain instances. Studies show that the rate of hearing damage is higher than initially reported by Horizon.

Tepezza has been linked to hearing-related side effects. These can include a reduction in hearing (hypoacusis) and even complete loss of hearing (deafness).

Does Tepezza Cause Hearing Problems?

Tepezzaa does cause hearing problems. Studies suggest that a substantial percentage of patients may experience hearing issues, such as tinnitus, ear plugging sensation, and permanent hearing loss, due to Tepezza.

According to the American Journal of Ophthalmology’s observational study, three out of five patients with Tepezza-related hearing loss had persistent subjective hearing loss at their last follow-up visits [2].

Around 65% of people taking Tepezza experienced some form of hearing loss, damage, or tinnitus, with some even facing permanent hearing damage. – The Endocrine Society

This alarming data highlights the need for further investigation into the connection between Tepezza and hearing issues.

In light of these findings, study authors have advised doctors to be more mindful of potential hearing problems when prescribing Tepezza and to screen new patients before administering it. They also recommend baseline audiogram testing.

Potential Settlements and Compensation in New Jersey Tepezza Lawsuits

As the number of Tepezza hearing loss lawsuits in New Jersey rises, affected patients could receive settlements ranging from $140,000 to $350,000, subject to various factors. Each case is unique, and factors such as the plaintiff’s age, preexisting hearing issues, and the severity of the hearing damage could influence the settlement amount.

As more patients come forward with claims of permanent hearing loss and tinnitus, the potential for compensation increases. It is crucial for those affected to seek legal advice and explore their options for pursuing a lawsuit against Horizon Therapeutics.

Who Qualifies to File a New Jersey Tepezza Lawsuit?

Individuals who have experienced permanent hearing loss or tinnitus after receiving Tepezza infusions are eligible to file a New Jersey Tepezza lawsuit. As more patients come forward with similar claims, the eligibility criteria for filing a lawsuit may continue to evolve.

Determining eligibility for filing a lawsuit can be a complex process, and it is essential to seek legal advice to understand your options better. If you or a loved one has experienced hearing problems after using Tepezza, don’t hesitate to consult with an experienced legal team to discuss your case.

Filing a New Jersey Tepezza Hearing Loss Lawsuit

Legal assistance is available for those looking to file a Tepezza hearing loss lawsuit in New Jersey, with law firms offering free consultations and handling the legal process on a contingency basis. This means that you won’t have to pay any upfront fees, and your legal team will only receive payment if they successfully recover compensation on your behalf.

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