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Tepezza, a medication designed to treat thyroid eye disease (TED), has been at the center of several lawsuits due to its alleged link to permanent hearing loss. Patients who have suffered hearing loss after receiving Tepezza infusions are now seeking justice in the courts, with many cases being filed in the Northern District of Illinois.

As the number of Tepezza hearing loss claims escalates, keeping abreast of the latest developments is imperative. Understanding these lawsuits’ potential implications can impact patients and the entire medical community. We will now delve into the specifics of Missouri Tepezza lawsuits and the persistent pursuit of justice.

Missouri Tepezza Lawsuits

The Missouri Tepezza lawsuits revolve around the claims made by patients who have experienced hearing loss or tinnitus after being treated with the medication for thyroid eye disease. These patients argue that Horizon Therapeutics, the manufacturer of Tepezza, failed to adequately warn patients and physicians about the potential risks of the drug. As a result, they are seeking financial compensation for their hearing damage and other related damages.

Examining the plaintiffs’ claims and Horizon Therapeutics’ responses will provide a more comprehensive understanding of the arguments and defenses in these lawsuits. This examination will offer a lucid view of the ongoing legal battle and its possible consequences.

Plaintiffs’ Claims and Horizon’s Defense

In the Tepezza hearing loss lawsuits, plaintiffs claim they suffered permanent hearing loss or tinnitus after being treated with the medication for thyroid eye disease. They argue that Horizon Therapeutics knew about the risks associated with Tepezza, including the potential for worsening sensorineural hearing loss, but failed to inform doctors and patients about the hearing-related side effects.

The manufacturer was overly aggressive in marketing the drug, targeting both consumers and physicians as a first-line treatment despite recommendations from the European Group on Graves Orbitopathy to use it as a second-line treatment.

Horizon Therapeutics has defended itself by maintaining that it followed the FDA’s regulations and guidelines in marketing and labeling Tepezza. They argue that any potential hearing-related side effects were not significant enough to warrant additional warnings on the product label. Additionally, they assert that they provided adequate information to physicians regarding the drug’s safety profile and potential risks.

As these lawsuits advance, the plaintiffs’ legal teams will tirelessly strive to substantiate these allegations and secure compensation for their clients. Conversely, Horizon Therapeutics will persist in its defense, challenging the plaintiffs’ claims and leading to a heated legal battle.

Recent Developments and Updates in Tepezza Lawsuits

As of now, more than 30 Tepezza lawsuits have been filed, with several plaintiffs requesting that their cases be consolidated into multidistrict litigation (MDL) in the US District Court: Northern District of Illinois. An MDL is a legal process where a single judge hears multiple federal lawsuits that have common questions of fact, streamlining the litigation process and avoiding conflicting rulings.

The Judicial Panel for Multidistrict Litigation (JPML) has scheduled a hearing for May 25, 2023, to decide if the Tepezza lawsuits should be combined into MDL. If the JPML approves the consolidation, it could lead to a more efficient resolution of these cases and potentially impact the outcome of each lawsuit.

In the meantime, plaintiffs and their legal teams continue to gather evidence and build their cases in preparation for trial.

With new developments emerging, staying informed about the progression of these lawsuits is vital for those affected by Tepezza-related hearing loss. Comprehending the litigation’s current state and possible outcomes may influence your decisions if you’re contemplating filing a Tepezza hearing loss lawsuit.

What Is Tepezza?

Tepezza is a prescription medication specifically designed to treat thyroid eye disease (TED), a condition where the immune system attacks the muscles and other tissues around the eyes [1].

The drug works by binding to the receptors behind the eyes that cause TED, stopping the swelling of muscle and fat tissue associated with the condition. It is the only FDA-approved thyroid eye disease treatment.

However, since its approval, numerous patients have reported experiencing permanent hearing damage or tinnitus after receiving Tepezza infusions. This has led to a growing number of lawsuits against Horizon Therapeutics, claiming that the manufacturer failed to properly warn patients and physicians about the potential risks associated with the drug.

Tepezza Side Effects & Hearing Loss

While Tepezza has been effective in treating thyroid eye disease for many patients, it has also been associated with several side effects, including hearing loss and tinnitus.

Studies have found that up to 85% of patients receiving Tepezza infusions have experienced hearing loss, tinnitus, or other hearing-related issues. In some instances, the hearing loss has been reported to be permanent [2].

The connection between Tepezza and hearing loss has raised concerns among patients and the medical community. As a result, a growing number of individuals who have experienced hearing loss or tinnitus after taking Tepezza are now seeking legal recourse, filing dangerous drug lawsuits against Horizon Therapeutics to hold them accountable for the alleged negligence in warning about these potential side effects.

Does Tepezza Cause Hearing Problems?

Tepezza does cause hearing problems. Several scientific studies and patient experiences have supported the link between Tepezza and hearing problems. Research has found a connection between Tepezza infusions and permanent hearing loss or tinnitus.

One study presented at ENDO 2021 found that those with a patulous eustachian tube, a disorder where the channel connecting the middle ear and the back of the nose and throat stays open, were more likely to experience potentially permanent hearing loss symptoms, including sensorineural hearing loss, after receiving Tepezza infusions.

However, more follow-up research is needed further to understand the connection between the drug and hearing loss.

As more evidence emerges linking Tepezza to hearing problems, the number of affected patients seeking legal action is expected to rise. These individuals hope to hold Horizon Therapeutics accountable for their alleged negligence in warning about the potential risks associated with the drug and seek compensation for their suffering.

65% of patients experienced hearing loss or tinnitus after taking Tepezza. – The Endocrine Society

Potential Settlements and Compensation in Missouri Tepezza Lawsuits

For those who have filed a Tepezza hearing loss lawsuit in Missouri, potential settlements can range from $140,000 to $250,000, depending on the severity of their hearing loss and the strength of their case. Tepezza lawsuit settlement amounts are typically determined based on the extent of the plaintiff’s hearing loss, any additional damages (such as medical bills or lost wages), and the likelihood of success at trial.

Bear in mind that each lawsuit’s outcome may differ, and previous settlements do not guarantee future results. Nevertheless, partnering with a seasoned attorney can significantly enhance your prospects of achieving a positive outcome in a Tepezza hearing loss lawsuit. Gathering the necessary evidence and constructing a robust case can help you seek financial compensation for your suffering.

Who Qualifies to File a Missouri Tepezza Lawsuit?

Individuals who have experienced permanent hearing loss or other adverse auditory effects, such as ringing or buzzing in the ears, after receiving Tepezza infusions for thyroid eye disease qualify to file a Missouri Tepezza lawsuit. To determine if you qualify, it’s important to consult with an experienced attorney who can assess your case and provide guidance on the necessary steps to file a claim.

If you believe you or a loved one may be eligible to file a Tepezza hearing loss lawsuit, don’t hesitate to seek legal advice. A qualified attorney can help you navigate the complex legal process and ensure your case is handled properly, increasing your chances of obtaining the compensation you deserve for your injuries.

Filing a Missouri Tepezza Hearing Loss Lawsuit

To file a Tepezza lawsuit in Missouri, amassing the required evidence to substantiate the Tepezza lawsuit’s claim is crucial. Your medical records documenting hearing loss or tinnitus, prescription history, and any correspondence with healthcare providers about your condition are all vital. Accumulating this information can fortify your case and enhance your prospects of achieving a positive outcome.

In addition to gathering evidence, it’s important to work with an experienced attorney who can guide you through the legal process and ensure your case is handled correctly. They can help you assess the damages you may be entitled to, such as medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering, and advocate on your behalf throughout the litigation process.

Statute of Limitations in Missouri

Missouri’s statute of limitations for lodging a Tepezza lawsuit is two years from the date of the injury or its discovery. Hence, if you’ve experienced hearing loss or tinnitus after Tepezza infusions, you must file your claim within this period to be eligible for compensation.

Failure to file within the statute of limitations may lead to your claim’s dismissal, thus the urgency to act swiftly and consult an attorney who can assist in determining your case’s appropriate deadline.

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