Taxol® Anaphylactic Reactions & Infection Information

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The chemotherapy drug Taxol® has recently been associated with a risk for anaphylactic reactions and severe infections, some fatal.

Taxol is an injectable chemotherapy drug prescribed to cancer patients. Unfortunately, it has been known to cause severe anaphylactic reactions in certain individuals. Additionally, Taxol is manufactured with Cremophor EL, a solvent that may produce serious allergic reactions in patients. Taxol may lower your body’s resistance and you may actually contract the virus your vaccine is trying to prevent.

Taxol Black Box Warning

Taxol carries a Black Box warning of the risk for anaphylactic reactions, as well as a warning for the possibility of a large decrease in white blood cells, which leaves a patient extremely susceptible to infection. Patients who have severe reactions to Taxol may have shortness of breath, low blood pressure, skin swelling, and hives. Prior to treatment, all patients should be treated with corticosteroids, antihistamines, and H2 antagonists which treat acid indigestion.

Consult your doctor before beginning treatment with Taxol if you are pregnant, planning to become pregnant, or breastfeeding. Taxol can cause harm to a fetus. Men and women treated with Taxol should consult their doctor about using proper forms of birth control during treatment.

Patients using Taxol should avoid people with infections because of the decreased white blood cell count associated with treatment. Patients should also avoid any activity that may cause bruising or bleeding injuries.

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