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Mennen Shave Talcum Powder Lawsuit: Get the Right Attorney

Recent studies have linked the long-term use of talc-containing aftershave products like Mennen Shave to an increased risk for mesothelioma, a rare, incurable cancer that may occur from inhaling or swallowing asbestos fibers contained in the product.
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What is Mennen Shave Talc?

According to Wikipedia, Mennen Shave Talc is a powder product made of hydrated magnesium silicate that helps cut down on friction and absorbs moisture, making it useful for keeping skin dry and helping prevent rashes. The Mennen Company was founded in 1878 by Gerhard Heinrich Mennen, an immigrant to America from Germany [1].

Mennen’s first product was a talc-based shaving powder, an innovation at the time. Mennen discontinued its shave talc products in the 1970s.

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1976 New York Times Article Warned of Asbestos-Contaminated Talc Powder

According to the NY Times, in March 1976, The New York Times published an article on the dangers of asbestos-contaminated talc citing research done at Mount Sinai Hospital [2]. Researchers found that 10 of 19 baby and body powders were contaminated with asbestos fibers linked to the development of mesothelioma, lung tissue scarring, and gastrointestinal diseases.

The concentration of asbestos in some of the products was staggering:

Product Percent of Asbestos Fibers
Bauer & Black Baby Talc 15%
Rosemary Talc 8 to 20%
Coty Airspun Face Powder 8 to 20%
Cashmere Bouquet Body Talc 8 to 20%
ZBT Baby Powder With Baby Oil 2 to 20%
Fabert Brut Talc < 5%
Yardley Invisible Talc < 5%
Yardley Black Label Baby Powder < 5%
Mennen Shave Talc < 5%
English Leather After Shave Talc < 5%

As part of their investigative research, New York Times reporters contacted the manufacturers of each asbestos-contaminated powder, the article said. Every manufacturer that replied to the reporters denied the presence of asbestos in their products and claimed they were safe.

Why Aren’t Talc Products Regulated by the FDA?

According to the FDA notice from 2022, despite their prominence in Americans’ day-to-day lives, cosmetics are relatively unregulated [3]. They are not subject to the same tests as other FDA products and companies don’t face the same pressure to ensure their products are asbestos-free and safe.

For example, makeup does not require FDA approval unless it contains color additives. Instead, the FDA puts the onus on safe products on the manufacturers.

Under the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act (FD&C Act), cosmetic products and ingredients, with the exception of color additives, do not have to undergo FDA review or approval before they go on the market, the FDA said. Cosmetics must be properly labeled, and they must be safe for use by consumers under labeled or customary conditions of use. The law does not require cosmetic companies to share safety information with FDA.

Unfortunately, history has taught us that manufacturers cannot regulate themselves. Since the mid-1970s, talc-product manufacturers have made a habit of denying the presence of asbestos in their products, even when the evidence proves otherwise.

Diagnosed with Mesothelioma? Talc May Be The Cause

Anyone diagnosed with mesothelioma who has no known history of asbestos exposure may have been exposed to talc.

According to a 2023 study by Jennifer Lucarelli from Mesothelioma Organization, the majority of people with mesothelioma can identify when and where they were exposed to asbestos [4], and most mesothelioma patients were exposed occupationally while working blue-collar jobs. Anyone who worked in insulation, construction, mining, industrial, and factory jobs faced the highest risk of exposure.

Some mesothelioma patients were exposed through a family member who worked with asbestos and unknowingly brought it home. This kind of exposure is known as secondary asbestos exposure.

Those who develop mesothelioma with no prior asbestos exposure may have developed cancer as a result of talc exposure.

According to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) data released in 2017 [5], approximately 45,221 people died from mesothelioma between 1999 and 2015.

In the United States, an estimated 27 million workers were exposed to [airborne] asbestos fibers between 1940 and 1979, CDC said.

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