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Stand-up forklifts are used in numerous work settings, primarily to move materials. Each year in the United States, nearly 100 workers are killed and another 20,000 are seriously injured in forklift-related incidents.

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What’s the problem?

Stand-up forklifts are highly productive machines designed to travel fast, maneuver in confined spaces, and to raise, lower, and carry loads. The same design characteristics that make the stand-up forklift a highly efficient material handler also make it extremely vulnerable to other hazards. While stand-up forklifts are necessary tools in the modern workplace, they cause many deaths and serious injuries to workers around the country.

Stand-up Forklift Accidents

Forklift overturns are the leading cause of fatalities involving forklifts; they represent about 25% of all forklift-related deaths. National fatality data indicate that the three most common forklift-related fatalities involve forklift overturns, workers on foot being struck by forklifts, and workers falling from forklifts. The case studies indicate that the forklift, the factory environment, and actions of the operator can all contribute to fatal incidents involving forklifts. In addition, these fatalities indicate that many workers and employers are not using or may be unaware of safety procedures and the proper use of forklifts to reduce the risk of injury and death.

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Defective Stand-up Forklift Designs

Many stand-up forklift accidents are caused by defective designs, such as the failure of a manufacturer to install a third vertical safety post, failure to install a compartment door, failure to provide operator restraints, or defectively designing the forklift such that it is susceptible to tipping. Many stand-up forklifts that fail the two big industry tests – the weight load test (longitudinal stability test) and the “crush test,” (which determines the amount of deflection into the area surrounding the operator) – are still placed into the marketplace.

Employers have legal responsibilities and are obliged to create a safe working environment for you and your colleagues. So if you have sustained an accident because of an incident with a stand-up forklift due to lack of training, lack of supervision or some other form of negligence on the behalf of your employer, then you are entitled to make a claim for personal injury compensation.

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