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Scissor lifts are frequently used on construction sites and in manufacturing, retail, and warehouse operations. Like other aerial platforms and scaffolding, scissor lifts pose serious hazards to those who work on and near them.

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What’s the problem?

Scissor lifts are increasingly common in today’s workplace, both on construction sites and in warehouses. Essentially a motorized scaffold, the scissor lift has remarkable utility for allowing workers to complete tasks at heights, and to move easily from one area to another. But this great utility poses risks: workers can come into contact with overhead power lines, or a wheel can catch in a depression or hole, causing the scissor lift to tip over. The injuries to workers operating scissor lifts can be devastating, and experienced counsel is needed to protect the worker’s right to recover.

According to the Center for Construction Research and Training, scissor lift workers are most frequently killed by electrocution (contact with live power lines), falls from the lift, and collapses or tip-overs. When workers involved in such scissor lift accidents survive, they often suffer debilitating injuries. Those at risk include warehouse, retail, manufacturing and construction workers, electricians, painters, carpenters, arbor workers and telephone and utility workers.

Given the dangerous nature of scissor lifts and similar heavy equipment, injuries sustained in scissor lift-related accidents can raise a host of complicated legal issues. Only an experienced workplace accident lawyer can evaluate the factors that may affect an injured worker’s ability to recover damages.

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