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Samsung Galaxy J7 Explodes Mid-Flight on Airplane in India

A Samsung Galaxy J7 caught fire during a flight in India, damaging the company’s progress in repairing its badly-damaged reputation.

A Samsung Galaxy J7 caught fire mid-air on a Jet Airways flight over India, adding to the company’s exploding phone problem just when it appeared things were looking up.

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What’s the Problem?

October 24, 2017 – The owner of the Galaxy J7 reported the fire approximately 15 minutes after takeoff, according to India Today.

The phone was being stored inside a handbag along with 2 other cellphones when the incident occurred. Once the passenger detected smoke coming from the device, she alerted flight staff and handed it over to a flight attendant.

The fire extinguisher in the cabin didn’t work, so the attendant was forced to submerge the Galaxy J7 in water to put out the fire. As a precaution, the 2 other cell phones from the handbag were placed in a try of water. Arpita Dhal, the Indian woman who owned all 3 smartphones, was reportedly furious over the lack of proper safety equipment.

“I will complain against Jet Airways after I return home,” Dhal said. “This is a question of safety of passengers in flights. If there is a major fire or blast what will they do when their fire extinguishers don’t work like this.”

Samsung executives have their fingers crossed that the incident was an isolated one, and not a repeat of last year, when the electronics conglomerate was forced to endure one of the worst recalls in history.

The Note 7 debuted in August 2016 to rave reviews for its speed, software features and estimated 9 hours of runtime. However, all that power came at a price: users began reporting the phones were catching fire and/or exploding. All told, the fiasco cost Samsung upwards of $20 billion, and incidents like the recent one in India won’t help re-establish trust in the brand.

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