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There has been a significant increase in the number of Roundup cases filed in Texas courts. One of the main reasons for this is that there can be long delays between when people were exposed to Roundup and when they first noticed cancer symptoms. 

But another worrying trend has been that increasing numbers of plaintiffs have proven a link between Roundup and several other types of cancer. 

And because of that shifting scientific evidence and legal precedents, you must have the right litigation for your lawsuit.

A lawyer and client discussing a contractLawyers have used similar evidence for thousands of people who regularly used the weedkiller. There is an established process for proving that a plaintiff’s diagnosis of non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma was linked to Roundup. 

But our law firm has been helping many clients with cancers other than non-Hodgkin lymphoma to achieve Roundup settlements and payouts. 

Here at Schmidt & Clark LLC, we have built a reputation as one of the leading litigation teams in Texas. And that experience has involved fighting legal cases against some of the largest corporations in America. 

As a result, our lawyers have quickly adapted the processes for gathering evidence specific to other types of cancer and presenting it in a favorable way to a jury. 

And to make the process as stress-free as possible for plaintiffs, we offer a free case evaluation and work on a contingency fee basis. 

That means you don’t have to worry about large legal bills just to start the process, allowing you to focus on your treatment and family while we care for all the legal work.

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Is Roundup Weed Killer Linked to Cancer?

Yes, the popular weed killer Roundup has been scientifically linked to cancer. The active ingredient is called glyphosate, and most of the initial flood of claims came from people who had been diagnosed with notorious non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma [1].

But more recently, people with a cancer diagnosis of myeloma and leukemia have also been able to claim large payouts through court cases against Monsanto’s Roundup [2].

However, different government agencies have some confusing information on the topic. The EPA still doesn’t warn consumers about the potential health risks. 

But the International Agency For Research On Cancer and the World Health Organization list glyphosate as a probable human carcinogen and are critical of its continued use. 

If you’re unsure whether your type of cancer is due to Roundup exposure, then talk to our attorneys today. We will carefully assess all the evidence and provide you with advice on the best possible actions to take. 

“Despite Bayer’s insistence that the IARC scientists were wrong and that there is no evidence that glyphosate or Roundup cause cancer, it has spent the last few years trying to settle the majority of the cases, paying cancer patients and their families to avoid trials.”
Carey Gillam And Aliya Uteuova, Journalists At

Who Can File Lawsuits in Texas?

A lawyer looking at a contractPeople who had regular exposure to the weed killed and ended up developing non-Hodgkin lymphoma may be eligible to file a  lawsuit in Texas. The important thing to prove is that you have a medical diagnosis for a personal injury and regularly used Roundup. 

It’s not possible to file a claim because you used a dangerous chemical without warnings of the possible side effects. 

In most cases, people who use Roundup daily through employment, like agricultural workers, landscapers, and gardeners, are affected. 

But it’s also possible to claim compensation because someone else regularly sprayed the weed killer near your home or workplace. Such cases are a lot more difficult to prove, and we would suggest that you call us for a free consultation to find out what kind of evidence you need. 

Our law firm has helped hundreds of clients with the complex task of gathering and presenting evidence for a favorable outcome. 

What Is the Statute of Limitations in Texas?

The statute of limitation for a personal injury case in Texas is two years [3]. And it’s important to understand that this deadline isn’t tied to when the Roundup use took place but when you first developed symptoms of cancer. 

In many cases, there can be several years of delay before someone notices symptoms like swollen lymph nodes due to non-Hodgkin lymphoma. It could even happen that a routine screening test highlights early signs of cancer. 

In such cases, the two-year deadline starts from when you had symptoms or a cancer diagnosis. 

Establishing this kind of timeline of events is the first critical part of a lawsuit, and you need the support of a highly experienced litigation team to ensure that you run into problems with this limitation. 

It’s also why we recommend that plaintiffs never waste any more time before taking the first steps of talking to an attorney about their case. 

How Much Is a Lawsuit Worth?

A lawyer and a client shaking hands

Roundup cancer cases in Texas can be worth hundreds of thousands of dollars.

In some cases, payouts and settlements have gone into the millions, but the amount you might receive depends on the specific details of your personal injury. 

Here are some of the variables that we discuss with clients for all lawsuits: 

  • Your cancer diagnosis and prognosis for your quality of life
  • How much pain do you have to deal with daily due to the illness and treatment
  • Any loss of income and your ability to earn a living and provide financial security
  • Impacts from medical bills and prescription drugs you may need to face for decades
  • Whether you’re still able to perform household chores without regular outside help
  • The impact on your ability to perform parenting duties and look after your children

Your dedicated attorney will discuss these and many more variables with you to come up with a payout value that compensates you for pain, suffering, financial losses, and punitive damages

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