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When the first lawsuit payouts made headlines worldwide, very few people expected the immense flood of Roundup claims that would happen.

And while the recent increase in cases filed is large because developing cancer can take years, an additional trend is emerging. 

Many cases in South Carolina and throughout America are now getting a successful jury verdict for several types of cancer linked to this weed killer. 

And while this does open the door for thousands of plaintiffs, it’s important that you have the right legal team by your side. 

An image of three lawyers with serious facesOur litigation team at Schmidt & Clark has been helping Roundup cancer victims for many years. And our 20 years of experience have allowed us to quickly shift our process and evidence-gathering approach. 

This is mainly because non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma is no longer the only type of cancer that comes up in these lawsuits. 

That means we can establish evidence to help other cancer victims with their lawsuits and ensure that a jury hears convincing facts. 

Our law firm has an extensive track record of personal injury lawsuits against some of the largest corporations in America. 

And we offer a free case evaluation to all clients, as well as working on a contingency fee. That means you won’t have any upfront attorney fees, and we only charge for successful payouts and settlements.

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Is Roundup Weed Killer Linked to Cancer?

Yes, the popular weed killer Roundup has been linked to cancer. In most cases so far, plaintiffs have made claims based on non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, but recent evidence also indicates that people may develop leukemia and multiple myeloma [1].

The active ingredient linked to these serious illnesses is the chemical glyphosate. And because of the high degree of Roundup exposure, hundreds of thousands of potential plaintiffs exist. 

While the EPA has not been active in warning consumers about the cancer risks of glyphosate, the World Health Organization and the International Agency For Research On Cancer have been more critical [2]. 

They have listed glyphosate as probably linked to cancer and have called for countries to ban its widespread use. 

Fortunately, the established scientific evidence has convinced juries in thousands of cases to reward large payouts to plaintiffs. 

“The 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco rejected Bayer’s argument that lawsuits like Edwin Hardeman’s never should go to trial because federal pesticide laws barred allegations that the company failed to warn of Roundup’s cancer risks.”
Tom Hals, Journalist at

Who Can File Lawsuits in South Carolina?

An image of two people shaking handsPeople who have developed cancer and have a proven record of regular Roundup use may be eligible for a lawsuit in South Carolina. The important thing in these cases is establishing the evidence of Roundup use and a linked type of cancer. 

It’s not possible to file a claim simply because you used Roundup and didn’t receive an adequate warning that it could cause non-Hodgkin lymphoma. 

You must provide evidence of a serious illness in order to file a personal injury lawsuit

It’s one of the most critical parts of every claim, and you need a litigation team at your side that has the experience and skills to carefully analyze all the details of a case. 

Our law firm offers all plaintiffs a free consultation where we can advise you on the best process and whether you have the necessary evidence to ensure a successful claim. 

We also have experience dealing with all types of Roundup cases and have adapted our legal processes to ensure successful cases with multiple types of cancer. 

What Is the Statute of Limitations in South Carolina?

The statute of limitations for a lawsuit in South Carolina is three years [3]. This filing deadline means that you have three years from when you noticed the first cancer symptoms or when you received a medical diagnosis through a routine test. 

This is different from accident-based personal injury cases when everything is tied to an event at a certain time. 

In many Roundup cases, people developed cancer years after the last use of the weed killer. 

For example, some people might notice swollen lymph nodes three years after they worked with Roundup. If medical testing reveals that you have non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, the clock starts ticking from when you had those first symptoms. 

Establishing that times line is an important part of every case, and you can’t afford to waste time. That’s why we recommend that you call us immediately to discuss this deadline and ensure you don’t miss out on the compensation you deserve. 

How Much Is a Lawsuit Worth?

A close up photo of gavel and lawyer in the background

In South Carolina, lawsuits can be worth hundreds of thousands of dollars and, in some cases, even millions of dollars. But the amount entirely depends on the details of each particular case and the impact of the personal injury. 

Here are some of the variables that our legal team will discuss with you:

  • Prognosis and future treatment needs based on your medical records
  • Impact on lost wages and your ability to earn a living to provide for your family
  • How much pain and suffering the illness and treatment have caused
  • Mental health problems like stress, anxiety, and depression due to the illness
  • Mounting medical bills to ensure you get the best possible treatment
  • Your ability to perform parenting duties on a daily basis without outside help
  • Impacts on your ability to complete regular household chores

Our team has the experience from hundreds of lawsuits to ensure that your payout and the punitive damages awarded provide you with the financial support you need and deserve. 

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